Sentry Safe EQ5433

May 6th, 2008

Sentry Safe EQ5433 is what is called an Executive Safe.  Yes, it looks like a gun safe but notice the shelves in it from top to bottom.  This type of safe is NOT a Fireproof Safe. However, it is a step up in burglary protection.  In the fact it has a UL rating of a “RSC” or Residential Security Container.  What does RSC mean in English? Ahhhh grasshopper, let me tell you what Sentry Safe has been up to!UL Listed Residential Security Rating (TQDE):A safe which has a Group 2 lock must resist an attack test conducted by a professional locksmith with knowledge of the workings of the safe using such tools as chisels, pry bars, and variable speed drills for 5 minutes.  Please note that it will take a lot longer for the average thief to break into this safe.  Also, 5 minutes is a long time huffing, puffing, and prying to get into this safe.  Especially when you realize the average home break in last between 3-8 minutes.  You also need to keep in mind that when a thief is entering your home.  He is coming in empty handed and wants to leave with his hands full.  He is not toting crowbars, sledge hammers, and drills with him! So a safe with an RSC label is a very good safe.  It is important to bolt this safe to the floor in order to take advantage of all its security features.

This Sentry safe also has a group II lock on it.  Which is a very good lock.  Also rated by UL as a quality comination dial lock.  That is often something people forget about, the quality of the lock.  They just look at the safe and not how its made or what materials were used. 

Shelving is adjustable or can be removed all together.  Not a huge selection in colors just green or black. Be sure to call us to specify which color you want or we will call you after you place your order.  This safe also has organizational features in it such as the bungee cords and door back organizer which is handy once you start getting it full of stuff. Overall I like this safe.  Good burglary protection and a large compartment for storage of stuff at an affordable price.  Sentry Safe has done a good job with the model EQ5433. You will find it on our Discount Gun Safes page.

Written by zack

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