Save Your Company Documents with a Fireproof Office Safe

August 8th, 2012

Every successful business owner understands the importance of securely backing up all important documents. Sure, you can save electronic copies of your paperwork, but that data is susceptible to hundreds of online security threats, such as viruses. Your electronic data could be wiped out in the blink of an eye. This is why it is crucial to store hard copies of your most important paperwork in a high quality fireproof office safe.

When storing your important documents, whether they are contracts, stocks certificates, crucial receipts, or any other essential papers, you need to be able to protect against security threats, as well as fire. Many people take advantage of this secure device to store personal documents as well, such as birth certificates, wills, deeds, and passports. The safe includes adjustable shelves and compartments, making it simple to keep each type of document organized. You may not require all of the advanced burglary features of a large home safe or vault, but you will need more than a simple one hour fireproof safe.

Hollon understands the unique needs of companies of all sizes and all industries. This is why they launched a line of fireproof office safes containing safes of all sizes that can provide the expert protection from both thieves and fire. These products can maintain an internal temperature that can protect your documents for at least two hours of external temperatures of over 1700 degrees. Even if your business faces an unfortunate fire, all of your documents will remain intact.

Preparing for circumstances such as employee theft, burglaries, and fires, is not something that any business owner enjoys, but it is better to take the time to ready the business than to deal with the fallout after it happens. The Hollon Office safe is constructed from thick fire-resistant materials and ready to be anchored to the floor easily.

All models of the safe can easily be upgraded to include a digital locking system. These locks make it easier than ever to change the combination any time you need. If your passcode is compromised, or if you undergo staff changes, you can quickly change the combination without having to enlist the services of a blacksmith. The Hollon office safes give business owners back the control over their personal and professional documents. Once your paperwork is secured properly, you can take your mind off potential risks and get back to your work.


Written by Amarillo

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