Safes, general questions to ask.

May 3rd, 2008

Safes: In general, Safes are going to offer a huge varity of quality and prices. When it comes to purchasing your Safe, take a moment to see how its made.  Ask if your Safe can be serviced.  I know that sounds crazy but I just got off the phone with a guy that had a Sentry Safe.  The electronic kepad went bad just after one year.  Sentry Safe told him to get a crowbar and pop the safe open.  Then throw away the safe and go buy another one! A year after he bought his Safe he has to buy another?  That should tell you about whats out there for sale in the Safe and security marketplace.

Questions to ask of your salesperson are, is the Safe made of steel?  Is the Safe fireproof?  How long is the safe fireproof rating?  What size are the bolts on the Safe? Can the Safe be bolted to the floor?  Is warrenty work on the Safe done at my place or do I have to ship it somewhere?  How long has the manufacturer of this Safe been in business in the USA? 

Some of the questions you need to ask yourself.  What am I putting in the safe?  How much fireproof protection do I want for my stuff?  What kind of theft protection do I need?  Do I want to mess with a dial or would I want the ease of a keypad?  Where am I going to put in the house and do I have enough room for what I need or want?  Do I live in a high crime area? (most cities over 700k population have double the crime rate compared to average crime rate stats).  Do I have good locks on the house? Do I have an alarm?

Think layers of protecti0n when you are focusing on security for your home or office.  Keep in mind that these are general questions to ask and to think about.  You will get more as you start shopping.  Please read through more of our blog on Safes to get a better idea of quality.  Over the next year I will be reviewing over 500 models!  My fat little fingers are tired just thinking about it.  There is another good blog called they review safes as well.?

Written by zack

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