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September 30th, 2008

People that haven’t had to deal with a break-in don’t understand just how traumatic the experience can be. Adding security features to homes and businesses helps reduce the amount of havoc a robber can wreak. Many, who have used safes to store their valuables, and have had their homes or businesses broken into, will tell you that in the end it was worth it to buy a safe.

Here is a good example: A Memphis man received a call from his neighbor telling him that his apartment building was on fire. The neighbor managed to grab the man’s computer from his apartment, but nothing else. The following day the residents were able to enter their apartments to salvage what was left. The man’s apartment was among the most damaged in the building. Fortunately he had two small safes, in which he had stored a valuable coin collection, negatives and important documents. The items stored in his safes were all undamaged.

So, whether you’re a grocery store owner considering purchasing some depository safes, or a home owner thinking about buying a wall safe—safes are the only sure way to keep your important items out of harms reach.

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