RSV-5924 Gun Safe

April 18th, 2011

Doing some research to make the purchase of a gun safe?  There are certainly a lot of choices out there.  In between manufacturers, steel thickness, lock option, size, and a plethora of other details to consider this can be a decision that takes weeks to months to decide.

The Hollon RSV-5924 Gun Safe should fall into one of the top choices.   These gun safes are equipped with 10 gauge steel for the body and the door.  They have 10 – 1 inch bolts that wrap the entire door for better security and has room for 22 long guns, 11 on each side of the safe.  This gun safe comes with an electronic lock that is reprogrammable to set your own code.  There are some people that are afraid to select an electronic lock on a safe based upon the idea that all electronics fail.  This is true for locks in general, whether they are electronic or the tumbler style.  However, this safe offers the perfect solution.  Behind the faceplate for the electronic lock, there is a hole for an override key.  This allows the safe to be opened if for some reason the electronics fail.  It comes with 2 German Mauer style keys.  These keys can not be replicated or duplicated, which provides some added security if someone were going to try to break into the safe.  This gun safe has also been tested and rated at 1 hour fireproof. The body of the gun safe has 1 inch total of fireproofing and the door has 1 1/2 inches.   Along with the fireproofing material it has an intumescent seal the surrounds the entire door which is designed to swell to protect smoke and water from entering the safe. This safe has external hinges which allows for fireproofing material to be placed in the areas that safes with concealed hinges generally are lacking fireproofing.

These series of safes do not have a pre-drilled dehumidifier hole.  There are a few reasons that these safes don’t have this.  This prevents a source for fire to enter your safe, making it more fireproof than a safe with a hole pre-drilled.  Also, if you run an electrical cord through that hole, you are introducing a source of electricity into your safe.  This allows for a fire to start within your safe and burn everything on the interior of the safe that you were wanting to protect. There are many rechargeable units on the market that will still protect your items from humidity but prevent a source of fire and are a great addition for a gun safe.

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