RG-16 Gun Safe

July 8th, 2010


Looking for a gun safe?  It takes a lot of research and work on your part to find a good gun safe that suits your needs.  Some of it relies on the information the manufacturer gives you and some of it relies on customer service and asking the right questions. This Hollon RG-16 Repulic Series gun safe is simply amazing.  I was very skeptical about these gun safes before I saw them.  I sure heard a lot of good stuff about them – but the amount of good information I hear about safes is always ongoing.  My jaw dropped when I saw these safes.  They are absolutely a beautiful safe.  They are made very well and they are very sturdy.  The tan interior goes very well with the black exterior and looks very sharp.


I would recommend this gun safe to anyone looking for a gun safe.  It has adjustable and removable shelving on the right hand side and gun racking on the left hand side with a shelf on top.  While this safe has an electronic lock it also has an override key which can not be duplicated – so breaking in via the key hole is a very hard thing to happen.  The overall steel gauge is 3 on the door and 9 on the body – how amazing!  You don’t find steel gauge this thick on most gun safes without paying a couple thousand dollars for these.

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