Our Mission and Goal: SAFES and Security

April 23rd, 2008

Since there is no “Consumer Reports” that rates safes.  None even in the locksmith industry in regards to quality, price, and over all value.  What we will doing is giving a model by model testimony or professional rating.  If you have used one of the following models in the past or currently using any type of Fireproof Safe,  TL 15, or High Security Safe….or well, any safe for that matter.  We are going to try and cover it here. 

Please note that over the next year I hope to touch on over 450 models of Safe.  From all kinds of  manufactures from Sentry Safe, Honeywell Safe, Cobalt Safes, Gardall, Fire Fyter Safes, American Security Safes, Hayman Safe, Diamond Back Gun Safes, Cannon Gun Safes,  Pacific Security Products, and Protex just to name a few.

I’m going to be going over the Firproof ratings and what it means.  Defining the difference between “sticky fingers” and real burglary ratings. 

So if you have a safe or security question please feel free to chat about here!  All are welcome. 

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