Diamond Back Gun Safe GS5930H

April 28th, 2008

Model GS5930H has been recently redesigned by Diamond Back Gun Safes.   The biggest difference on this model is the hinges!   They have chosen to strengthen an area of the safe that is normally neglected and already well built.   Why would they do such a thing you ask?   I’ll tell you.

Good quality safes are made to last 20+ years.   (Don’t get good quality safes confused with Safes you can purchase in Big Box retailers with names like Sentry or worse.   Some generic name that nobody has heard of….) However, the hinges are often the first thing thing to go.   First the door bumps into the wall when trying to close the safe.   Then over the years the top hinge just starts to sag more and more…a lot like the U.S. dollar.   Which hinges  like dollars all like to be strengthend.   So Diamond Back Gun Safes added a super duty hinge to this Gun Vault.   Which moves this gun safe into the “way plus side” of 20 years and more.   So much for the idea of planned obsoletion.

Its important to go over the ingredients on how this model is made.   10 gage steel for body and door.   Place a thick metal plate inside the door, plus hardplate over the lock.   Wow, thats a lot steel!   You normally don’t find safes in this budget range with a fraction of that.   Add to it (10)  1 1/2 inch bolts on the door,hinge side of the door, top, and bottom of door.   With all this steel and bolts making this next to impossible to crow bar open.   (Which I have never heard of a Diamond Back Gun Safe having its door breached).  I should also point out that the Republic Gun Safes are built to this same thickness and are worth a very close look. Republic Gun Safes

Bolts are put on the hinge side of a door just in case someone takes a blow torch or grinder to the hinges and cuts them off.   The door still won’t open.   Granted, I ‘ve never seen this happen before but perhaps it was common before my time.

Did I mention the Group II lock?   Yes, it includes a Sargent & Greenleaf  spring loaded relocker with spyproof dial front.   As a side note, if a safe manufacturer puts on a Sargent & Greenleaf lock they want the safe to last a lifetime.   My local bank even has an old one from the 30’s still in use on their vault.   Amazing to me.   You will often see safes in antique shops with S&G locks from the 90’s…thats 1890’s!   Still in use and most likely never had anything done to them.   Did I mention these were really good locks?   Yes, you can also upgrade your lock to an electronic keypad from LaGard.   Making this a very electronic gun safe.

GS5930H is now larger in size.   But let me tell you how to look at a model number.   GS stands for GUN SAFE. 59 is 59 inches tall. 30 is 30 inches wide.   The depth is what has changed.   It is now 26 inches deep.   Be sure to note these are outside deminsions not inside.

Paint is your basic semi-gloss black with “rain drop” finish.   Not much choice there but VERY easy to repair scratches!   And if you are going to keep it for a lifetime, that’s important.   There are gun safes with high gloss shiney finishes that look great when new.   But like any piece of furniture is going to get scratched.   The high gloss shine on a Cannon Safe or American Security Gun Safe need to be taken to an auto detail or repair shop…..hmmm, sounds costly to me.

Fireproof is for 1 hour.   Which should be enough for any location unless you anticipate a fire caused by accellerants such as gas, fuel, or propane.   This safe has been factory tested in a propane oven at 1250 for 1 hour.   With the internal temp reaching a max of 350 degrees.   According to the fire dept. a normal house fire burns at 950 degrees. So this very good fire protection.

Interior material lining is bit on the sparce side.   Its a durable grade but I certainly wouldn’t call call it a plush or luxery grader liner.   Shelving comes only one way but can be adjusted or removed intirely for those that want to store something other than guns.

If you are looking for a little bit more upscale model at a  better price. I would take a look at the Republic Gun Safe series from Hollon Safe. RG-22 is basically the same size but uses a high gloss finish,  and better electronic keypad lock.  It also uses a higher grade of interior liner which is a major plus. Because you are going to have this safe for decades.  Be sure to take a look at the Republic Gun Safes.  I personally have not seen a comparable safe in quality and style unless it was double or triple the price.

I consider the Diamond Back Gun Safe model GS5930H one of the best priced gun safes on the market. The folks at Diamond Back have really done a great job with this model.   Feel free to leave your opinion if you are an owner.   Also, don’t forget to see my other postings on Diamond Back Gun Safes.

Written by zack

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