Mutual Gun Safes MS-5922

December 21st, 2008

Mutual Gun Safes model MS-5922

Lets start by looking at the fireproof material used on the MS-5922 gun safe.  The use of a sheetrock fireboard material and the U.L. approved heat activated door seal provide enough protection to protect from fires. The Mutual Gun Safe is lab tested in a oven chamber at 1760 degrees degrees Fahrenheit for 60 minutes.  While staying at or below 350 internal.  Lots of people ask me “Why 350 degrees?” because just above that tempature paper starts to char and can flash fire at 400 degrees.  So this is very good protection from a house fire.

The Mutual Gun Safe is also equipped with a full arsenal of anti-burglary features.

1.The locking bolts are a massive one inch in diameter.

2.There are at least three dead bolts facing the hinge side, one active bolt at the top, and at least five active bolts along the closing side.

3. The lock is protected from punch-out attempts by a Manganese (HRC 60 hardness) hardplate.

4. The LaGard Dial Lock is a Group II lock and has a spring-loaded relocker. (LaGard is an American lock maker, excellant reputation)

5. There are two bolt-down holes predrilled at the bottom of the safe that accommodate standard 1/2″ bolts to keep the safe where it is meant to stay.

5. 10 Gauge steel which is the largest size used just before you increase to plating.  Many popular gun safe brands you see around are actually a thinner guage of steel such as 14 or 16….larger number means thiner steel. Many of these safes use a 1 inch bolt on their safe too but because the steel is thinner the wall of the safe expands when it gets crowbar attacked.  I personally suggest not to get anything thinner than a 10 guage steel.

These features make the Mutual Gun Safe MS-5922 an excellant choice for a gun safe.  To get a better look see MS-5922.

Written by zack

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