Media Safes

May 19th, 2010

Looking for a safe where you can store your media safely and not have to worry about it being destroyed in a fire?  A normal fire safe will not work to keep your data and media safe.  Unless you put a safe within a safe it is important and necessary to get a safe that is designed to offer the protection needed.  Although the item might not be physically harmed by the fire, the temperature that the safe can reach in a fire is high enough to erase the data stored on the devices, leaving you a useless object, thus reaching the importance of a media safe.

I was doing some searching the other day on some data and media safes and came across an excellent blog.  “Think ahead and purchase a media safe,” discusses the pros to having a media safe.  It also gives the information most people do not think about when creating just a single back up of all their important document.

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