Maintaining Your Pearl Earrings

September 29th, 2010

If you’ve recently purchased some pearl earrings, it’s important that you consider ways in which to maintain those earrings so that they are sure to stay looking their best. For one, make sure to handle the earrings frequently. The oils from your hands will be absorbed by the pearls, and they will take on an even greater luster and sheen. And as a general rule, remove these earrings before showering. You never know, after all, how the pearls will react with certain shampoos or soaps.

Also, if you’ve purchased pearl dangle earrings, they can be very easy to lose. If that hook is ever snagged on your hair or a piece of clothing, it’s very easy for it to slip right out and be lost for good. That’s why you should always secure these earrings with a very small rubber stopper. These are especially designed to hold dangling earrings in place. They’re a ridiculously easy and cheap way to ensure your expensive and beloved earrings aren’t lost. And if you own pearls, you know what a sizeable investment they can be. When you are going to be wearing them, they’re best kept under locks in a jewelry safe.

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