LaGard Audit Locks and Software Compatibility

December 18th, 2008

LaGard Audit Lock and its Compatability.

LaGard Audit locks have been around for many years now and have become one of the most reliable locks used in tracking events at a safe.  It does take a computer to download the information to the lock.  Which is not a problem until recently.   With the new introduction of Windows Vista however, things have changed.  And the software that is loaded on the computer is not compatible with Windows Vista.  It is compatible with EVERYTHING else in the industry.

The AuditGard is a multi-user electronic combination lock that provides superior access control. The lock can be programmed with a Controller, a Manager and eight Users. The AuditGard has a 512 event audit with time and date stamp. Other programmable features include Dual Token (eKey or eKey II), Dual Combination, Time Delay, Time Delay Override (User 9), Silent Alarm, and Remote Signal Override to disable the lock. The AuditGard electronic lock series was designed to increase accountability in the commercial safe market.

The Windowsâ„¢ based LG-Audit Setup Software has a user-friendly interface, which allows the lock to be configured directly from a PC. Software features include the ability to vary combination lengths, user activation, lock mode selection, external signal mode selection (used with the 2789 and 4002 alarm boxes) and the setting of time delay values. The LG-View Auditing Software is an essential tool for loss prevention, featuring a searchable audit trail with time and date stamp which provides knowledge of who accessed the lock and when.
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