Introducing the Republic Gun Safe

August 3rd, 2012

If you want to get the biggest value for your dollar when finding a safe solution for storing your firearms, a Republic gun safe from Hollon will pleasantly surprise you. Hollon has built a solid reputation for producing carefully crafted products for gun owners, and any other individuals interested in keeping their special belongings protected. They have earned this reputation by designing products that have all of the features that customers want, and by manufacturing safes that are virtually impenetrable by man or nature.

Not every gun owner can afford to purchase a premium two our fireproof safe, with majorly thick steel reinforced doors and walls, but that does not mean that superior protection is not obtainable. The Republic gun safe is a lower cost, extremely valuable alternative that still provides some remarkable features to any owners of firearms.

The Republic safes include multiple layers of fireboard both in the body and the door of the safe. This material provides one-hour fireproof protection for your guns. This means that if the safe were to be exposed to flames at 1250 degrees Fahrenheit, the contents would be unharmed for at least one hour. Most home fires burn at a temperature significantly lower than 1250 degrees. In addition to the fireboard, these safes also include a heat activated expandable seal that, when heated, will completely seal the door against any outside smoke or water.

Of course, fire is not the only thing that you are trying to keep away from your weapons. The Republic gun safe will ensure that only those authorized to access the guns will be able to do so. They are able to protect your guns with the help of a ¼” solid steel plate covering to door, multiple locking bolts covering all sides of the door, and an drill resistant armored hard plate protecting the lock. Burglars will not be able to pry, punch, or force their way into your safe.

Having a quality safe is not just about having a great place to store your guns, even though you can upgrade your safe to have a cushy plush lining. All gun owners have a very important responsibility to keep their weapons out of the wrong hands, whether those hands are the hands of intruders, or the hands of children. In order to get the highest quality solutions, at the best prices imaginable, the Hollon Republic gun safe series cannot be ignored.

Written by Amarillo

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