How to Safely Mount Your Wall Safe

August 1st, 2012

What is the point to keeping your treasured items in a safe, if a burglar can easily steal the entire safe? While this may not be an extremely common problem, there are precautions that you can take to prevent it from happening to you. Especially if you have a smaller safe that can more easily be picked up, it is very wise to choose a wall safe that can securely be mounted to the wall in your home.

Many people choose to use a wall safe, not only because mounting it provides extra security, but also because they allow you to clear out floor space and keep the device more discrete in your house. For those who simply need to store small items such as important documents, cash, stock certificates, or expensive jewelry, a small mountable safe is provides an excellent solution, and they can be installed in less than an hour when completed properly.

The first step is to prepare the area where you will place your wall safe. You will need to use a stud locator to find the studs in your wall. Once you have found these studs, use a level to mark your exact edges where your future safe will be, centering the safe between your studs. Next, use a drywall saw to cut out your carefully measured area. Take great care when cutting out the drywall so that you do not cut any electrical wires.

Once you have the drywall removed, fill in any spaces that will be present around the safe, when it is installed, with strips of plywood, or other solid materials. When you carefully place your safe into the opening, it should be perfectly flush with the studs and the walls all the way around. If there are any open spaces, install more wood pieces.

The door should be kept open during this entire process so that you can secure the item to the wall from the inside. Your product should come equipped with bolts to allow you to attach your wall vault directly to the studs in the walls using designated slots for anchoring. Once all of the bolts are tightened, you can begin installing any adjustable shelves or racks if you require them. Lastly, all you need to do is load your precious items inside, close the door to the wall safe, and clean up any excess dry wall dust.

Written by Amarillo

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