Hollon Safe HDS-2014K Drop Safe

June 5th, 2010


They’ve thought of everything with this drop safe. Not only is it designed to handle numerous drops during the day with a quick-entry keypad for managers, but thieves who attempt to figure out the keypad code are locked out for a period of time, making their efforts more likely to be discovered.

The anti-fish baffle completely prevents anyone from accessing the safe through the drop door, making it one of the most secure drop safes you can buy.

If the keypad is pried off, further security measures lock in place with the dead bar, making door removal basically impossible.

While most drop safes are flimsy, and only good at keeping “honest people honest”, this safe allows any manager to have peace of mind that this safe will keep deposits on lockdown for extended shifts, and even overnight drops when emergencies arise. What’s better, the safe combination can be changed in seconds, so places with high employee turnover don’t have to add a lengthy safe process to their bottom line.

Overall, this is a great investment for any business looking for an effective, theft-proof drop safe. These models are also being redone. I will get you more later.  But just a peak into the future….largest bolts on a drop safe of this size in the industry plus thicker steel. HDS-2014k

Written by zack

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