Hollon Safe Gun Safes, and why they are so great

March 10th, 2017

Well let me tell you a little about us and our products: This is our warehouse and we are the distributor and typically just sell dealers to dealers across the country, anywhere from Chicago and LA, all the way to Manhattan and Florida. So typically we start our quality where Big Box retailers end theirs.
Let me start with our most popular product the Republic (of Texas) which is MADE IN THE USA, actually made here our warehouse.*ill show you in a second * It has a 90 min Fire Rating at about 1400 degrees, has a 8 gauge body and a 1/4 ” Solid steel plate welded on the outside exterior of the door for even more protection.This safe is made with 300% thicker steal than industry standard for extra security . …….approach him into feeling the safe

Dial it open for him and let him open the door
let him feel the interior and make him aware what great of a product he has in front of him
then close with
” the safe includes a free LED Light kit, a rechargeable dehumidifier, and a Jewelry Box, door organizer”
now you can free talk but dont go into more detail make him wait for his questions
“Our next runner up is our Black Hawk series, it has a 75 min fire rating and a 10 gauge body which includes 14 massive 1.5 ” bolts”
Dial this safe open for costumer and then have him open this door as well, make him aware of the downgrade without degrading the BlackHawk so start with an excellent feature of it **** the amount of bolts and make him touch it********
this safe also includes a free LED light kit, and rechargeable dehumidifier, and door organizer, this is a great product and is made with 30% more steel than industry standard.
move to next safe in line
Our next Series is our Hunter Line, it has a 45 min F/R, 12 gauge body and 1 1/4 inch bolts and a drill resistant Hard plate, and 4 bolt down holes to secure foundation and typically comparable but above ministry standard compared to big box retailers. industry standard
dial the safe open and have him open it once again, he then will notice the safe doesn’t have a free LED Light, make him aware of this

This one doesn’t include the LED Light kit or dehumidifier but you can always have it added if you want.
Now ask him if he has anymore questions.Take charge because he did give you permission to explain you the product.

Written by Value Safes

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