Hollon RSV-5930 Gun Safe

April 19th, 2011
Door: 10 Gauge
Body: 10 GaugeDoor Thickness: 5 inches
Body Thickness:1.25 inches

This gun safe is a perfect safe to use to store long guns, hand guns, as well as other valuable items such as paperwork and other important keepsake items.  It has a thick 10 gauge steel for all around protection culminated with bolts that wrap the door.  It also has a hard plate that is located behind the lock to prevent the safe from being opened during punch attacks.  The interior of the gun safe has removable and adjustable shelves to arrange the interior to just the perfect arrangement for your needs.  The safe features an electronic lock that has a bonus feature of a key override in case the lock would ever fail.  This allows you to be able to get into the safe at all times, in case you forget your code, the battery dies, or you are having technical difficulty.

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