Hollon HS-1200E

July 30th, 2010


Hollon Safe company offers a wide range of safes, from wall safes to depository safes, to fireproof home and office safes.  They are made excellent and usually have a safe that is great for your needs.  This Hollon HS-1200E, two hour fireproof safe, is great for home use for storing a lot of items or ideal for an office setting wanting to keep records safe from fire.  It has a great drawers on the inside that is lockable to lock up certain items you want to be a bit more protected or not seen every time the safe is opened.

If you’re looking for a used safe check out the Scratch and Dent safes that are offered.  I know there are two of these models plus many more available that have very little paint chipping or dents and you can usually find them 10% off through Valuesafes.  These safes still come with a warranty as if it were a brand new safe.  Can’t really beat a deal of 10% off can you?  Give them a call – they would love to assist you!

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