High Security Safe model MV15-2618

April 30th, 2008

Did you ever see the movie “The Italian Job”?  Where the girl was drilling into a “Worthington Safe?”…..(I have looked on the net and can’t find them or anyone that has ever heard of them) Well, with the tools she was using she didn’t have a chance!  She finally “cracked” the safe by dialing into it.  I started hollering at the movie “Bull Poop” (this is a G rated blog) Because the dial was a bump proof dial.  No way she could have done that.  My lovely bride looked at me “Its only a movie”….

Well, the movies are full of entertainment but when it comes to facts they are misleading.  However, when it comes to safes, Hayman Safes model MV15-2618 is anything but misleading.  TL 15 rated safe with UL fire rating. Weighing in at over 800 lbs (this is one of the small ones!) you have to take this model seriously.  A burglar could chew on this safe forever and not get inside.  (Probably wouldn’t even leave teeth marks.)

* Fireproof Safe UL listed for 1 1/2 hours. (Your house will be gone but not the safe…thats good for your stuff but bad and sad for the house)

* Double holes in bottom for double bolt down. Thus increasing the safes protection by 100%. 

*Internal hinge for a more durable longer lasting hinge.  Giving nothing to pry on for the thief. 

*Monster size bolts of 1 1/2 inches each.  On both the door open side and the hinge side.

*Also a healthy size plate of drill resistant hard plate. This is too keep out locksmiths like me and intelligent thieves.  However, I have never come across a safe that a thief has drilled open. I’m sure its been done in the bigger cities but I’ve never heard of it.

*Two remote relockers that add reinfocement to the bolts. More on this see my article on relockers: http://www.valuesafesinc.com/relocker.html

In regards to size, pay close attention to the diffence in the inside vs outside dimensions.  You will see a huge change between inside and outside depth because of the door. 

Over all quality of this safe is Excellant.  Great protection against burglary and fire. Did I mention its TL rated? UL listed TL 15.  One of the top safes in the world. Made for jewelry shops, coin collections, family heirlooms, antique collectables, check cashing stores, home collections, and much more.  This one gets highest marks on my ValueSafes seal of approval.  Feel free to visit them for a closer look at this model at www.ValueSafes.com

Outside Dimensions
Height: 29 1/2″
Width: 22″
Depth: 22″
Inside Dimensions
Height: 25 1/2″
Width: 18″
Depth: 15″
825 lbs.
  • Composite Construction – 5″ Thick Door – 2″ Thick Body
  • 1 1/2 Hour Manufacturer Fire Label
  • 1 1/2″ Bolts
  • Full Length hinge side locking bar
  • Dual Re-locks
  • Drill resistive hard plate
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Mounting holes provided

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