High Security Burglary Safes vs. Fire and Burglary Safes or Fire Safes

April 30th, 2010

Hollon HS-510E

What safe is the best?  That’s a question I hear a lot from customers and it’s hard to generate an answer to that question as it varies based upon need.  Theoretically, TRTL 30×6 safes are the best safe out there in my opinion, but generally none of us really need something that secure.  Sometimes we feel more secure with our belongings when they are in the “most” secure safe.  However, sometimes it really isn’t practical for each persons needs.

On a general basis, if you are using the safe to store paperwork and documents, the best type of safe to get is a one to two our fireproof safe, such as the Hollon Fireproof Home Safes.  Time depends upon where you live, your local fire department, and the make if your home.  If you live out in the country you can bet you are going to need a two hour fireproof rating – or it would be the best for you in my opinion.

Now, when you start storing a little bit of cash or items of value the security of your safe and importance starts to grow.  Fire and Burglary rated safes are the best place to start and they offer more security than a home safe such as the Hollon Fire and Burglary safes offer a glass re-locker and a re-locking bar that locks behinds the hinges to prevent access into the safe.

As your possessions grow and you start accumulating at or around $50,000 worth of valuable, cash, etc. you’ll want to jump up to the next level of security, the TL-15 safes and TL-30 safes. These offer a UL rating of 15 and 30 minutes of tool time attacks as well as a 90 minute fire proof rating.  These are common for both residential and business use!

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