Hidden Safes

July 8th, 2010

Hidden Safes

A very popular item is a hidden safe or diversion safe.  While they look pretty cool and we think how easy it would be to get away with hiding our precious items in them, I personally am not all for these types of safes.  While these might be great for small items or a very limited amount of valuables, they are not secure for large amounts or a high amount of value.  Thieves look on the internet for the most common places to look for valuable items and the best things to look for.  The internet provides a large amount of knowledge on anything you want to know – you just must search for it and read. These safes will be targeted by thieves and people will be devastated.

If you really want a safe to protect your items – do your research and buy a good safe that will protect your items.  Look for something that is fireproof as well as the security level that is needed for your items.  These diversion safes do not provide you fire protection and don’t allow you to hide large amount of items.  The most secure thing you can do is get a secure safe AND bolt it down.  I can’t stress enough of the fact that your safe must be bolted down.  While it is a proven fact that burglars don’t stay in your home very long – which means if your safe is bolted down properly, this will frustrate the burglars and they will move on.

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