Hayman Floor Safe model FS-1200B

May 28th, 2008

 Hayman floor safe model FS-1200-B is the smallest of the polyethelene floor safes.  Has the NEW Single wall bolt system.  Which is a great design and much more secure than the typical B-rated floor safe.  Instead of using seperate bolts to lock the door it has a HUGE wall size bolt that closes behind the side wall of the floor safe.  I can invision all safes going to this type of bolt work in the future.  It great design idea that really strengthens the door.

The bigest down fall to steel floor safes in the past has been rust!  If you have read my other posts concerning floor safes I have given several ideas on how to slow down the rusting process.  But Hayman Safes has made this easy on us.  With the patented new style of in floor safe. Polyethelene body will not rust in the ground once it is cemented in place.  This will add decades of life to your floor safe.

The minor negative on this floor safe is that it does not have “Spring loaded hinges” ,  Instead it is a lift out door.  The weight of which is around 20 lbs.  If you are elederly or have little arm strength, you will not want to get this model for that reason.  Why they didn’t put spring loaded hinges in this model? Because its small. 

Don’t worry about the size of this floor safe.  It still has huge strength and a B rating.

  • Group II combination lock
  • Drill resistant hard plate
  • Spring loaded active relocker bolt
  • 1/2″ solid steel door
  • Rust proof polyeurathane bodies
  • NEWLY RE-DESIGNED Bolt System! Fantastic Single Wall Bolt
  • 9 3/4″ x 11″ Door opening
  • 7 3/4″ x 11″ Door clearance

Written by zack

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