Floor safes are designed to be secure

February 11th, 2009

Floor Safes

Floor safes, when mounted in concrete, are one of the most secure type of safe available.  Most burglars do not have the skills necessary to quickly break into a safe, and usually rely on carrying the safe away to a secure area to work on it.  This is not possible with a floor safe.  Floor safes are available in a variety of sizes, and some even have an opening or slot in the top for depositing items without opening the safe.  This type is more vulnerable though, and you should move deposited items to a more secure location periodically.

Look for a drill resistant hard plate when purchasing a floor safe.  This is a top plate of hardened steel that cannot be penetrated with a drill bit – one won’t even scratch the surface of a drill resistant hard plate.  This is important, becuase this is the only area of a floor safe that is vulnerable, the rest is surrounded by concrete.  Also look for a model that has a corrosion-resistant polymer outer coating to protect the metal used in the safe from moisture and the resulting rust.  For more information on floor safes.

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