Floor Safe model FS-2300B

May 29th, 2008

Floor Safe model FS-2300B is made the medium size polyethylene safe in this series.  Hayman Safe is the one that holds the patent and makes this floor safe.  I get a lot of comments in regards to “Plastic SAFES?!?!”   Yes its plastic but no its not plastic like you think.  The only portion that is plastic is the safes body.  Which will be surrounded by concrete.  There are also metal straps securing the floor safe door to the safe body.  So for practical purposes all you will see is a steel safe door and concrete.  “But why plastic?”  So it won’t rust. 

You will read in many of my other posts about how to protect your steel floor safe from rusting.  Here is the answer.  After Hurricane Charley in Florida a customer called me out to her house.  Her Hayman Floor safe had been submerged by salt water.  The water had drain away and she needed it fixed.  Only the dial needed replacement as it was starting to stick. So I replaced the dial. Used some lubricant in the bolts just to be on the safe side and a coat of rustolium on the door..more as preventative measure.  The body was fine.  She is still using it today without any problems.

In my opinion, if you are installing a floor safe, always buy a B-rated floor safe.  And if budget allows get one with the plastic body.  Its not a lot more and it adds years to the life of the safe.

This model also has the newly redesigned door that uses steel wall instead of a steel bolts to lock the door in place.  Spring loaded hinges make for easy opening and closing of the door.  Get it with the dial.  NEVER add a keypad to floor safes. You will be only courting disaster as the electronics can get wet…and they do. 

One last  item.  Please note the outside of the safe looks strange.  Its not smooth and straight like a steel floor safe.  This has two purposes.  It allows concrete to grip the safe better than a smooth surface and forms shelves on the inside of the floor safe to put things on and help you stay organized.

Overall its one of the top of the line floor safes on the market today.  Once the is inground and covered with its steel plate. Its hard to find and even harder to remove from the foundation.  Its also a very good size.?

Written by zack

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