Floor Safe FS-B2

May 19th, 2008

The floor safes model FS-B2 is a larger version of the FS-B1.  Same top notch B rating with drill resistant hardplate. Spring loaded relocker to protect against proffesional theft attacks.  Sargent & Greenleaf dial combination made in Kentucky which is designed to last the life of the safe.  1/2 inch steel door with (3) 3/4 inch bolts to keep the door from being pryed opened. 

The body is 1/4 inch steel designed to protect your safe from shifting in the foundation or underground.  (Be sure to wrap the safe in plastic before concreting into the foundation.  This adds years of life to the steel and keeps out rust. )

Hinges are also spring loaded for ease of opening and closing the safe door.  Because these doors on floor safes with all the steel in them and the hardplate gets very heavy.  In my opinion its worth the extra money to get a floor safe with a spring loaded hinge. 

I get a lot of people calling me and asking which floor safe I would choose if I were putting into my house.  I don’t always answer very directly. But I do give strong suggestions to that if you are going to the trouble of installing a floor safe (and is more trouble to install then other types of Safes) make sure to get a B rated Floor Safe.  Larger than what you think you will need because people always fill them up over time or before they go on a vacation…and you don’t want to have to install two of these.  Also get one with a door that has spring loaded hinges so it is easy to get in and out of….this way you will use it.  NO KEYPADS on FLOOR SAFES!  Too many problems come from keypads on floor safes. 

Visit our webpage for a good selection of Floor Safes  or for more information check out www.safesblog.com. Which is a very good site giving information on safe models.



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