Fireproof Gun Safe Makes for a Wise Investment

July 30th, 2012

Statistically speaking, your home has a better change of experiencing a fire than a burglary. Fortunately, a fireproof gun safe can help you protect effectively against either of these very unfortunate circumstances. If you have firearms, they need to be stored very securely when not in use. Not only do you not want your weapons to fall into the wrong hands, but you also do not want these expensive items, or any of your other important valuables, damaged in the event of a home fire. Now, there is a product that can give you real solutions.

If you are already in the market for a safe, it is very wise to go ahead and upgrade your choice to a fireproof gun safe. You may have to pay a slightly larger price, but the value that you will receive, and the added piece of mind, will certainly be worth it. You can choose from one of many designs that have extra adjustable shelves and compartments, which are perfect for storing important documents, jewelry, or other special items along with your firearms.

A fireproof gun safe is constructed with a very thick door and body, which are reinforced with fire resistant concrete. These safes go through rigorous tests before being placed on the market in order to receive a trustworthy fire rating. If you are purchasing from a reliable retailer, the specs of the safe, including the fire rating, should be readily available.

Most varieties will be called one hour fireproof or two hour fireproof. These terms are referring to the amount of time the items inside the fireproof safe will be unharmed in the event that they safe is exposed to extremely high temperatures. Most designs are tested using temperatures that are much higher than the average house fire, ensuring that the item will perform as necessary.

Of course, a fireproof gun safe is also expertly constructed to keep even the savviest burglars away from your valuables as well. A high quality safe will protect against drilling, prying, and all other tampering techniques. However, to really rest easy knowing that your items are out of harms way, it is certainly worth the investment to add the fire protection as well. It has been proven time and time again that the contents of a normal safe will largely be consumed and damaged in the event of a fire, while those in a fireproof safe have a substantially hire chance of remaining completely unharmed.

Written by Amarillo

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