Fire safes can be used to protect your valuable documents from a fire

January 24th, 2009

Fire Safes

Fire safes are invaluable tools for protecting your valuable documents and other delicate valuables from the harmful effects of a fire, including the effects of the water used to put out the fire.  Whether it’s a home or a business, both have a lot of information and valuable items that would be hard to replace if destroyed in a fire – stock certificates, wills, business records, delicate jewelry, or even computer backup data.  Fire safes are well worth the investment if you ever go through a fire situation.

Fire safes are usually given a rating in hours, which tell how long the safe would protect its contents during an actual fire situation.   For example, fire safes with a rating of 1 hour have been tested to withstand the effects of a 1700 degree F fire for a period of 1 hour, without the temperature inside the safe rising above 350 degrees F.  This is a low enough temperature to protect most items from permanent damage.  Special media safes are available that bring this temperature down to 80 degrees F, to protect valuable computer backup media.   So why not purchase a little insurance against the effects of a fire by getting a fire safe for your home and/or business?

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