Fire Fyter Fireproof Safes

August 20th, 2008

I have been writting recently about Fire Fyter’s Fireproof Safe manufacturing being stopped in the USA and being moved to China.  The models that are listed on ValueSafes website are currently as of this writting made in Ohio.  As they sell out of stock we will be marking them as sold out until they get the Chinese models shiped. 

So you have a limited time to get a made in the USA safe.  People have asked if the prices will go down once they are in stock from China.   I don’t know that answer on these fireproof safe models.  However, if its like other things they may drop a bit in the begining just to get the brand moving again. 

We are still waiting to see if our favorite made in the USA fireproof safes will be of decent quality once shipments start coming in.  I will remove the made in the USA label once they are in so as long as you see the label and its in stock you will know they from Ohio.  Until then you can check them out here Fire Fyter Fireproof Safes.

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