Drop Safes – Useful for securing small items during the day

April 21st, 2009

Drop Safes

If your business handles lots of cash, or small, valuable items like jewelry or coins, then a drop safe could prove quite useful.  A drop safe allows you (or your employees) to deposit items into the safe without opening it.   This allows you to keep items safe in case the store is robbed during the day.  It’s best to move the items to a more secure safe at night, however, as drop safes are not burglar proof.

A drop safe usually has a slot in it or a rotary hopper (like on a mailbox).  These openings have baffles attached to them to keep someone from “fishing” the contents back out through the opening.  It’s best to insert items into an envelope before placing them in the drop safe.  If your business handles a lot of cash, it’s a good idea to have your employees deposit any large amounts periodically throughout the day, so there’s never very much cash exposed at one time.  For more information on drop safes.

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