Drop Safe model HDS-2014K from Hollon Safe

April 28th, 2010

Hollon HDS-2014K

This is a fantastic drop safe for a small business looking for additional security and peace of mind.   The HDS-2014K safe can be bolted down to make it much harder for it to “walk away.” From experience, it allows me to sleep a little bit better knowing I have the added security of a great safe and the fact it is bolted down!  The key lock adds accountability as both keys are required to be present when the safe is opened.  This is not a safe that you can stick a hanger or any other object down the chute and get money out.  Hollon’s HDS-2014k has an anti-fish baffle that will stop anyone from doing it in their tracks.  If you are pondering the idea of whether or not to purchase this depository safe for your small business, take the leap and you will be happy with it.

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