Do you need a dehumidifier and what if there is no hole predrilled for it ?

December 27th, 2010


There are many circumstances in which your safe should have a dehumidifier in it. It’s always smart to have a dehumidifier in a gun safe to protect your guns from any moisture that might accumulate.  Most importantly, if you are going to keep your gun safe in a garage make sure you get a dehumidifier.  They will suck out the majority of the moisture that can cause potential problems, i.e. rust, mold, etc. Should you get a dehumidifier for a home safe, a floor safe, a wall safe, or any other kind of safe? It’s not entirely necessary but will depend upon your climate and where the safe is being stored.  You can always place your belongings in a plastic bag or tupperware container for floor safe storage to prevent most moisture.  It never hurts to be a little extra cautious if you are storing items that moisture can cause problems with such as jewelery or metals.

If your safe does not come predrilled with a hole for the dehumidifier you still have options! I would actually recommend that you stay away from a safe that offers the hole as it is a source for fire to enter your safe!  You can get very nice rechargeable dehumidifiers that charge up being plugged into an outlet and last about 30-90days before needing to be plugged back in. The E-333 Dehumidifier is a great example of this.  The item needs to be plugged in to dry the crystals out then after about 20-30 days the crystals turn pink letting you know that it needs to be plugged back in.   These work great in any safe situation and are relatively small which is important when storing it in a safe when sometimes space is limited already!

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