Diamond Back Gun Safes update.

December 21st, 2008

Diamond Back Gun Safes Heavy Sales Volume.

Many people are trying to purchase a Diamond Back Gun Safe but have found them sold out since late Oct 2008.  Due to the financial crises and surge in gun purchases everyone is waiting for the factory to get a shipment from overseas.  Its a mixed blessing for Diamond Back Gun Safes Inc.  Nice to sold out of Christmas inventory before November but they have sure could have sold hundreds more had they been in stock. 

Its also nice to see a company producing an excellant gun safe with a great value.  This alone gets customers coming to gun safe showrooms around the country.  Only to find empty showrooms.  But they are on the way and should be back in stock at the factory at the end of January.  Shipping out to showrooms around the country. 

If you want one sent direct from the Diamond Back Gun Safes get on the waiting list NOW!  Follow here Diamond Back Gun Safe or call 877-629-6214.  They will take your name and number and call you when its at the factory so you can give your credit card to have one sent direct to your home.

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