Diamond Back Gun Safes Fireproof Model GS5936H

April 29th, 2008

GS5936H from Diamond Back Gun Safes.  This is a new size model made to the specifications of the other “H” series models.  Excellant Gun Safe value.  We sell 5 brands of Gun Safes right now and will be adding a 6th. But Diamond Back has my vote for best quality for the price.  This model is made with 10 gage steel just like ALL Diamond Back Gun Safe models. 

Bolts are are a whopping 1 1/2 inches each.  Which is huge and next to impossible to crowbar when locking into a 10 gage steel wall.  I say next to impossible more for legal reasons.  I have never heard of anyone crowbaring open a Diamond Back Gun Safe.  Which says something of the quality and materials!  There is also drill resistant hardplate over the lock that must be melted and cannot be drilled into.  Pushing this model into the area of “Far Exceeds CDOJ Ratings”. 

Lock is one of the best made dial locks in the world.  S&G is made in Kentucky by the Stanley Corporation.  Great design and great quality.  Spring loaded relocker as well as spyproof dial.  You can also get a keypad on this unit.  Such as the Lagard basic.  Made by Lagard for commercial safes.  One of the best keypads in the industry, especially for the price.  I normally suggest going with an electronic keypad like the LaGard keypad for Gun Safes.  Because the last thing you want to be doing is dialing a dial, in a panic, while an intruder is busting down your door.  Keypads just offer the quickest access in the safe industry.  Even better than biometric locks that read your fingerprint. (Biometric locks have a tendency to get dirty or miss read your fingerprint. I have written more under biometric locks).

Fireproof for one hour and double predrilled holes in bottom of safe so that it can be secured to the foundation.  This keeps the fire out and “Bubba” from putting it on a hand truck to pull it out of the house.  (Gotta keep an eye on Bubba.) One hour is very good fire protection in any residential or commercial fire. 

Free shipping is also included in this model and for most of the US there is no tax.  This safe by Diamond Back Gun Safes gets my “Valuesafes seal of approval” for quality and price point.  Check us out at www.ValueSafes.com

Written by zack

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