Creative Way To Hide Your Valuables

August 11th, 2011

Security safeIf you are looking for a new and innovative way to hide your valuables, you can try using a diversion safe.  These safes are so innocent that they can be placed in plain sight.  Nobody but you will know that there is a safe just sitting in your pantry or bookshelves.

There are oil cans, fruit cans, flower pots, lotion bottles, and more.  They are all household products that are present in every home. You will never know that they are a security safe because they look and feel like the products they represent.  There is even a stone safe so you can even place your valuables in your garden.  Burglars won’t bother looking in pantries or bathrooms for possible locations of safes.  Diversion safes are really great ways to secure your valuables.

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