Cobalt Sm-020 Fireproof Home Safe

July 25th, 2008

This is a picture of the Cobalt SM-020.   One hour fireproof safe.   Comes with a steel lined predrilled hole in the center and mounting hardware.   Dial lock is secure but it is not a Group II lock.   You will not be able to change the combination on this lock easily like a Group II.   Though it can be changed by a locksmith but not set to any specific group of numbers.   It just comes up random because the way the safe is designed.

You will also notice it comes with a key and no handle.   This is because the key acts as a handle and adds an extra security measure to the safe.   Security aim is to keep sticky fingers off your schtuff!   It will hold up to a small tool attack but that is not its main purpose. Fireproof and stopping sticky fingers is.

Written by zack

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