Cobalt Safes SB-06c Review

December 2nd, 2008

Lets talk about the SB-06c from Cobalt Safes. Fireproof Safe. Burglary Safe.   One of the largest in this section!  Cobalt Safes model  SB-06c Fireproof Safe with Burglary  Safe.    Has a  lifetime fire warrenty  and a 5 year  warrenty against manufactures defects in labor and materials.   This is an  extremely good warrenty in that most manufactures will cover similar but Cobalt Safes goes the extra mile and sends a locksmith to your location to repair.   Most manufactures are also only 1 year in coverage. With that being said. Keypads are an upgrade and are only warrentied for 1 year. (for more information on keypads vs dials see my article… Keypads vs Dials.

Back to the SB-06c.   First take a look at the door, you will see that it is open. There are two major parts,   an outer  door and then a bolt assembly behind it.   This  gives  it a solid  5 inch thick door on the    Cobalt Safe SB-06c.      Take into consideration that when   the average thief breaking into the average home.   He is coming into the house with empty hands and wants to leave with them full.   Chances of him bringing tools such as a   crowbar or sledge hammers are not the norm.   If he does find the safe he will most likely be too unprepared to even beat on it and will quickly move to everything else we leave available in our homes that is easy to pocket and easy to pawn.   For most of us its a pretty big list.

Lets pretend we left a crow bar and sledge hammer next to  our safe  and a small sticky note that says  €œbeat me € on the safe.   The SB-06c fireproof safe  is going to hold up.   The outer steel wall, which is an extreme thickness of about 1/8 inch steel is reinforced by a cement based fireproof wall with another steel wall on the interior.   This makes for excellant strength against common tools.

The 5 inch thick door is also too thick to get a crow bar down deep enough to actually gain enough purchase to even begin to start using a crow bar on the door.   So in my opinion the SB-06c Fire Safe is one of the best buys on the market today.

Combine this with a 2 hour fireproof    and a center bolt down (so the safe can’t picked up and carried away) for a sturdy little fortress of protection.   Not that someone is going to carry away a 1000 lbs safe!

I also like the size.   Though it may be too large for most home situations it does offer good room to grow into.   The last thing most of want to do is purchase two safes.   I often advise to purchase 1 during your life.   But make it something you can grow into because this safe is designed to last a lifetime.   Last little note, as we get older, people hate to bend down or squat down. This model is excellent to stand in front of an open without having to bend over.

Written by zack

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