Cobalt Safe SS-031D Fireproof Safe

July 29th, 2008

Cobalt Safe model SS-031D. Is the most  popular in the line up of Fireproof Home Safes.  Its also the largest.  Why is it so popular? I’m not 100% sure.  But the comments I get on it range from “Most size for money”, “Pull out drawer and adjustable shelf”, “Its big but its not too cumbersome”.

I will say this, the picture is a fairly acurate picture of the safe except you can’t see the black pull out tray that is also included.  You can see the adjustable shelf with the door open.  You also get a good view of the bolts on the door opening side.  However, there are also fixed bolts on the hinge side to add support and strength against crow bar attacks.  Though its primary purpose is not strength against burglary but it is strength against fire!  A solid 1 hour fire rating. 

The Cobalt Safe SS-031D is steel lined hole in the bottom of the safe to bolt down to your foundation to keep the safe from being carried off.  It is important to note that when you buy a safe you are buying “Time” time against fire and time against theft.  If you live in a high crime area and you want to keep 50k of cash and jewelry in this safe, then this is not the safe for you.  This safe is made it hold important papers, some cash, some jewelry, a pistol or other medium size items.  It will hold up against a prybar attack in that it would be classified as “resistant” but not for an extended period.  You will notice I like to “under sell” most safes.  Which means I’m not going to push a safe like some kind of late night infomercial selling Ginsu Chopping Knives!  But hopefully give you as realistic picture of the safe and its intended purpose. 

That being said this is an excellant Fire safe to protect against fire and protect against “light” theft or sticky fingers as I like to say. Go here to see a model SS-031D or the rest of the fireproof home safes.

Written by zack

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