Maintaining Your Pearl Earrings

If you’ve recently purchased some pearl earrings, it’s important that you consider ways in which to maintain those earrings so that they are sure to stay looking their best. For one, make sure to handle the earrings frequently. The oils from your hands will be absorbed by the pearls, and they will take on an even greater luster and sheen. And as a general rule, remove these earrings before showering. You never know, after all, how the pearls will react with certain shampoos or soaps.

Also, if you’ve purchased pearl dangle earrings, they can be very easy to lose. If that hook is ever snagged on your hair or a piece of clothing, it’s very easy for it to slip right out and be lost for good. That’s why you should always secure these earrings with a very small rubber stopper. These are especially designed to hold dangling earrings in place. They’re a ridiculously easy and cheap way to ensure your expensive and beloved earrings aren’t lost. And if you own pearls, you know what a sizeable investment they can be. When you are going to be wearing them, they’re best kept under locks in a jewelry safe.

Gun Safes for Sale

Gun Safes for Sale

For the month of September 2010 we are having a huge sale on Gun Safes.  Please find the Republic Gun Safes from Hollon Safe company.  A really great deal that includes shipping and no tax to most areas of the country.

The RG-16 is 59 inches tall and 22 inches wide.  Designed to be bolted to the foundation.  1 hour fireproof with heat seal that swells and keeps the gun safe interior protected from water and smoke.

Don’t delay on these because these are for a limited time until we reduce our inventory.

See the Republic Gun Safes and again this sale is only for this month. Sept 2010

Neighborhood Watch

Because of a recent rash of burglaries in our area, my block recently put up a neighborhood watch. It was resolved at a meeting that we should be able to help ourselves and not simply rely on the police to do the job for us. Instead of firearms, each night a couple of watchmen are equipped with their own stun batons to carry around the neighborhood. We all take turns on different days. We all still have our security systems, of course, and I keep all of my valuables safely stowed in my high-tech TL-30 safe.

Aside from keeping our neighborhood safe, I believe that this project has brought the members of our community closer to each other. Many friendships have been formed. There are other projects in the works too, such as a composting pile at a vacant lot in our street.

A Sound Investment

floor safes

A recent string of burglaries in my neighborhood alerted me to a need for protection. My family’s security comes first, so I began browsing the market for home security systems. Many of these systems seemed overcomplicated and confusing, so I decided to go with some of the most simple and effective measures of protection I could find.

The first line of business was to outfit my home with an alarm system, but this isn’t a failsafe method. And even if the alarm works like it’s supposed to, the perps will still have several minutes to loot the home and get away before the authorities arrive. In order to add an extra layer of protection for my valuables, I’ve installed a couple of floor safes to keep things sealed and out of eyesight. I’ve achieved tranquil peace of mind knowing that my family can sleep soundly at night.

Keeping Cash On Hand

money safe

Having a supply on cash on hand may seem like an antiquated practice, but you can never be too careful. With all of the recent volatility in the global economy and questions about the viability of the banking industry, frankly I’m a little scared to put all of my proverbial eggs in one basket. In case of an emergency, I want to have instant access to some of my funds.

Of course, having a cache of cash out into the open isn’t advisable, so I’ve invested in a money safe for my home. I certainly don’t keep my life savings in there, and I still have a well-diversified portfolio, but it’s nice to know that if the banking system comes crashing to its knees, I’ll have a Plan B.

Wildfires Rage in Russia

Wildfires Rage in Russia

Over the last several weeks, Russia has been devastated by an unprecedented heat wave. With unrelenting temperatures in the high 90s and low 100s, drought has become a serious concern. But in recent days an even bigger threat has begun to manifest itself: fires.

Throughout several Russian provinces, rampant fires have decimated communities, leaving homes destroyed and several people killed. Seeing the pictures of families on the lawn with the few possessions they have left is just devastating. It’s horrible to see people have all of their possessions destroyed, but it’s served as a reminder to keep all of my indispensable documents sealed in fire safes.

Hollon HS-610E


Most people are looking for a small safe with good fire protection.  This Hollon Two Hour  fireproof safe is a step up from a “starter” safe or what could be known as a one hour fireproof home safe.  This safe is a little bit larger than a home safe but is two hour fire rated and has thicker walls and a thicker door than a home safe.  This can be bolted down and comes with a shelf and a drawer for easy storage.  If you just have a few things you want to be kept safe and don’t think you will be growing substantially in the future, this Hollon HS-610E is the perfect safe for you.

Hollon HS-1200E


Hollon Safe company offers a wide range of safes, from wall safes to depository safes, to fireproof home and office safes.  They are made excellent and usually have a safe that is great for your needs.  This Hollon HS-1200E, two hour fireproof safe, is great for home use for storing a lot of items or ideal for an office setting wanting to keep records safe from fire.  It has a great drawers on the inside that is lockable to lock up certain items you want to be a bit more protected or not seen every time the safe is opened.

If you’re looking for a used safe check out the Scratch and Dent safes that are offered.  I know there are two of these models plus many more available that have very little paint chipping or dents and you can usually find them 10% off through Valuesafes.  These safes still come with a warranty as if it were a brand new safe.  Can’t really beat a deal of 10% off can you?  Give them a call – they would love to assist you!

Hollon WS-1014E Wall Safe


Do you have a few small items you would like to keep safe and want to keep them hidden? A wall safe is your best bet then.  A wall safe gets its security from being hidden.  This is a smaller wall safe but perfect size to store a few jewelery items or small valuable items. Due to the smaller size of this safe, it is much easier to put a picture over or find some way to camouflage it.  The larger a wall safe is, the harder it is.  This Hollon WS-1014E wall safe is an excellent buy for someone looking to protect their valuables.

Is a TRTL-30×6 Safe for You?

If you have large valuable items, especially family heirlooms that could be consider priceless, then you might need to consider something a little more substantial than the every-day, run-of-the-mill home safe. The TRTL-30×6 safe is built of compressed concrete that is encased within magnesium steel hardplates. The TRTL means that the safe is torch and tool resistant, the 30 means that the safe is resistant to these tools for thirty minutes, and the 6 indicates that this security applies to all six sides of the safe. In addition to such incredible security, the safe is also fireproof up to 1750 degrees for up to two hours. This is the top of the line.