Why Walls have always been the number one Security measurements since Day 1. Safes, Walls, Business and Success TTW-2015

When managing, or owning a business one has many worries. Are we meeting our Goals, are we consistent, do we set a clear agenda, are we realistic with our Goals, are we creating a good work environment, are we profitable, are we segmenting ourselves to the right consumers, what do our consumers think about us. One could not put a cap on the number amount of worries.

No matter how much emphasis one puts in preventing these concerns, they are just part of the industry. However, a worry that will keep you restless at night if not done properly is Security!

If this is a worry of yours, how can one successfully run a business, it’s just something a professional cannot afford to ever worry about. The absence or  lack of security or leads to Chaos and you don’t ever want to invite chaos into your life. YOU DO NOT WANT CHOAS!! View your business as your own Castle, the safety of your staff and your business is a must. Kings need sleep, and Kings like sleeping in castles for a sense of security, without peace of mind a King cannot lead. So where do Kings get their sense of security? By sleeping behind STRONG secure walls. Buying himself time, of an unexpected event is an investment that will always be worth it.

Your Business may not be operating at all hours of the day but protecting it is a 24/7 Job. So, protecting your Castle to the upmost of your ability is a MUST. The best solution to Securing your “Castle” would be building barriers of safety between you and trouble with strong solid walls surrounding it. Having a Depository Wall Safe is one of or if not smartest decision you can ever make for your company just because knowing that even in the event of a burglary or robbery, the majority of your finances will be protected is reassuring.

Having a depository safe mounted inside the wall of your building adds an element of safety that no one will be able to easily steal the entire safe. The TTW-2015 C/E a B-rated Depository safe with ½” Steel Doors and (5) 1-1/4” Solid Steel Active Locking Bolts with and internal spring loaded to relock the device after ever opening is just another line of defense. The 4 Pre-Drilled Anchor Holes and Anti-Fish baffle prevents theft through deposit door.
Add a UL Listed Group II Mechanical Dial or a UL Listed Type 1 S&G Spartan Electronic Lock and your castle isn’t just a castle, NOOOO now your Castle is a FORTRESS OF SAFTEY. So, if you are trying to add that extra edge of security to make your Castle more secure it is worth investing into the Through the Wall Safe (TTW-2015).

Why are Drop & Depository Safes Prevalent?

Depending on the use one may have for a safe, depository safes are important for fast deposits. With a front drop loader or rotary hopper, there’s no need for entering a combination or code for opening a door to make a deposit. For the uninitiated, some people speculate why their keypad only lasted for a couple years when they’re using it 5-10 times a day.  The front drop access prolongs the life of the dial or keypad and decreases the wear and tear of the locking mechanism.  Great for commercial use, retail companies, restaurants, convenience stores, and money handlers love depository safes specifically for this reason. Before buying a depository safe, one may also ask these questions:

What is the range of currency I want to keep in a B rated depository safe?

Any answer for someone professional in the safe business to provide you to this question would be an opinion due to the fact that there are multiple security measures you should contemplate other than simply owning a safe. Ideally, the more money you need to keep in the safe, the more aware you want to be of the security protecting the safe itself.  Such as, having a depository safe with a couple thousand dollars sitting under the register with a blanket over it compared to having it in a locked room with a security system installed.

On a daily basis, how often will I make deposits?

As mentioned before, not having to enter a combination or code to open a door just to put things inside a safe saves time and insures longer lasting locks from excess use. If you need to make a safe deposit daily, look no further. Quick and fast deposits save time and worry when it comes to preventing potential lurkers while handling money.

A recommendation:

Whereas most safe manufacturers design B rated safes to meet the minimum requirements, (at least ¼” thick steel body with a ½” steel door) they don’t have a variety of different models. Unless you want to find a company to fabricate a safe to your measurements (which can be quite expensive) Hollon Safe Company will most likely have the model that meets your size specifications due to their considerable selection with an additional option of a roller hopper depository or front loading door. For example, their most popular depository safe HDS-2014 stands above its competitor model Not too heavy, not too light, at 90 lbs. the HDS-2014 is fit for any ideal location and can easily be concealed if needed. With an option of a Sergeant & Greenleaf dial or S&G Spartan keypad this safe is designed to meet the most basic needs one may have for a safe in mind. With 4 bolt down holes, a well-grounded heavy duty safe is not to be taken lightly when it comes to security. Not that looks matter when you shouldn’t show off your safe nevertheless Hollon does have better looking depositories compared to their competitor models such as Gardall and Amsec.

Hollon’s Current HDS-2014 Model

Is It Good To Rely On Your Dog For Your Home Security?

home security dog

This is an important question that every homeowner should ask. Your dog is a member of your family, a beloved and treasured member. Is it really a good idea to allow him to be your only means of keeping your home secure?
The short answer is no. Security systems, safes and alarms are much more reliable, do not need to take sick days, and not likely to be at risk from an intruder. Your dog, as a living being, can be subject to illness and is very vulnerable if an intruder enters your home.
Of course dogs with loud and intimidating barks can be very good deterrents and dissuade someone from entering your home uninvited. But training your dog, who has come to you for his own needs for security, cuddles, and food, to be the sole source of security for your family and your home, is simply foolhardy. A family dog cannot be relied upon to keep your family safe.
Yes, dogs have been known for their heroism in fire and with burglaries, but it isn’t wise to put that kind of responsibility on your pet. He may herald an intruder, but he alone cannot stop one. And often training a dog for security only, robs that animal of the connection to his humans and their affection. It also robs the humans the joy of having a pet in the first place.
Security systems that are made to contact the police or fire department, are easier for neighbors to hear and respond to than your dog. A dog barking is not something unusual, and not necessarily a red flag to them. But a loud alarm, the kind that comes with a home security system definitely gets everyone’s attention and puts people into survival mode which may save their lives.
And finally, often when people with dogs leave the home, they gate off an area of the house to keep the animal safe and less likely to leave unwanted messes around the home. Even guard dogs that may be left outside during the day, are usually leashed to keep them in one area of the yard. This leaves other parts of the house as easily accessible to an intruder.
Even if your dog is a barking deterrent or alert system, it is not best to entrust your family’s and home’s safety only to your pet. Allow your dog to be your pet and cherished family member. You both will enjoy each other so much more.

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Safe Hacks: Protecting Your Profits in 2015

Anyone who has ever considered buying a safe for your business, you know that there are ways to hack into safes; or, in most cases, attempt to destroy them so they can get at the goods. The great news is that there are quite a few steps and skills that the burglar in question would need to possess and go through in order to get at what they need.

Do People Really Crack Safes?

The short answer is yes. If they see the contents of the safe as being rewarding or valuable, then they will certainly try to crack the combination, beat up the safe, or go as far as cutting it in half. This is a popular enough thought that it was featured on Mythsbusters:

Here they try to duplicate a famous safe crack where there is water and explosives involved. And it was deemed a “plausible” way to get into a safe. There is no shortage of creativity when it comes to safe hacking.
And that old trick about the stethoscope being used to hear the lock combination- eHow tells us that that’s a thing.

It took him a while to do it, but it’s definitely doable.

We just won’t even talk about how easy it was for Alex Lewis to pop that safe.
First, let’s start with some things you can do in order to deter burglars from stealing your safe.

Safe Thief Deterrents

There are a number of things that you can do in order to protect your assets and your profits.
If it isn’t a wall or floor safe, that means it can be set down somewhere. You probably didn’t think to bolt it down because it weighs 304,973,985,794,875 pounds right? Think again- if a thief is determined to get a safe, they will find a way. Don’t make it easier on them! Bolt the safe down so that, if nothing else, they would have to spend more time dislodging it.
Secondly, when is the last time you have changed your combination? Some thieves will go as far as getting up close and personal in order to get at the safe. Change the combinations regularly in order to keep people in their toes- designate a single person to be in charge of the combinations.
Thirdly, know what type of safe you have. Knowing everything about your safe inside and out will help to locate its weakest points. Being armed with this knowledge will tell you if your safe needs backup protection.
Put money into this investment. If you’re trying to deter someone from getting valuable, getting a cheap safe won’t do you any good. Cheap means flimsy, faulty, and weak at best.

What Can Business Owners Do?

The first thing to consider is whether or not people would know about a safe or not. Having one in plain sight is asking for someone to poke at it. Don’t advertise your safes; invest in a wall safe or a floor safe.
Also, consider buying a safe that is made of thicker materials. If a thief has to go through concrete and steel, there is a better chance the thief will either give up or not have tools powerful enough to handle physically working their way into a safe. Check out this video to see what we mean:

Boost your security. If you have the means to do so, having overnight staff to protect your valuables is a good idea. It’s easier to take the time to get into a safe if there is no one around, but the tools needed to crack a safe are rarely quiet enough where they wouldn’t get caught. Video cameras are also a great idea.
Along these same lines, train your staff. Show them how to properly handle emergency situations and who to call in those emergencies.
If you’re interested to know more about how to prevent these occurrences, feel free to contact Value Safes today!

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Using Safes to Prevent against Theft

hollan safe
There are many people that believe that since their front doors are locked that they think their belongings are safe. This is simply not true!
The most common times for a theft to happen in your home are from 10am to 3pm, whether you are home or not. While there are thieves of all genders, race, size, etc. the most common thief will be a younger male in their mid to late teens. It is important that you keep your valuables safe.
Safes are a great way to do this. While there are many different kinds of safes, they all have the same purpose in mind- to keep your belongings with you! Many models can be bolted down to a surface or piece of furniture to make sure that people can’t just walk away with the safe that contains your goods.
Not only do homeowners need safes, but so do businesses! It is very common for a business to have larger amounts of cash sitting in a safe because of how much they need to use in a single day. Either way, safes are the way to go to make sure your valuables stay where they belong.
Here are some facts and statistics about theft:

  • Every 18 seconds a burglary takes place in the US.
  • On average, a burglar spends about 12 minutes inside a home.
  • Only 13% of burglars are caught by the police.
  • 60% of burglaries happen during the day time. Cash, jewelry, and electronics are among the top things that are stolen, along with weapons.
  • It is estimated that one in every thirty six homes will be burglarized this year.
  • The top three cities with the most burglaries are Houston, Chicago, and New York City.

Don’t know much about safes? Call one of our safe specialists today and they can help you decide which safe best fits your needs.

Creative Way To Hide Your Valuables

Security safeIf you are looking for a new and innovative way to hide your valuables, you can try using a diversion safe.  These safes are so innocent that they can be placed in plain sight.  Nobody but you will know that there is a safe just sitting in your pantry or bookshelves.

There are oil cans, fruit cans, flower pots, lotion bottles, and more.  They are all household products that are present in every home. You will never know that they are a security safe because they look and feel like the products they represent.  There is even a stone safe so you can even place your valuables in your garden.  Burglars won’t bother looking in pantries or bathrooms for possible locations of safes.  Diversion safes are really great ways to secure your valuables.

Keeping Your Valuables Safe

drop safe

A recent study shows that most burglars have less than 10 minutes to spend inside your home.  They want to be in and out of your home as quick as possible.  So it’s only logical that they take the most obvious valuables instead of wasting their time hunting around for more stuff to steal.  This is why a drop safe are the perfect hiding places for your valuables. 

Since a drop safe can be hidden underground, the thief will never know were it’s hiding. Great idea, isn’t it?  The burglars will not waste time trying to hide a hidden safe. It won’t deter burglars from breaking in, but at least your most precious valuables will be safe.

Having Self Security In Your Home

home safe

Keeping your personal items safe is an important part of keeping your family safe. You want to make sure that you have your valuables in a secure area. This can be anything from social security cards to family heirlooms. It’s important to have a  feeling of security.

Having a home safe provides for that kind of self security. There are many different types of safes that you can choose for your home. Wall safes, floor safes, as well as fire proof safes are just a few of the options to choose from. Whichever safe you choose remember that there is no such thing as being over secure.

Burglars Beware


For as long as there have been people there have been thefts. People covet what they do not have, and some of them will act on those feelings. So, as people we have to protect our property. In the past people generally kept their valuables locked in vaults or sea chests.

In the 1800’s we began using more modern safes. These safes were called iron chests. They did a good job protecting your property because they were heavy enough that burglars could not easily make off with them. Burglars would essentially try to take them to a safer place to crack them. They were also made out of heavy materials, stone, wood, cement and brick to name a few.

Silly Burglar… You Thought It Was Just Soda

money safe

Today people are not so trusting in banks anymore. Some people feel that having your money at home is a safer option. Back in the day people would stash their money under the mattress. Some people would go as far as even burring their money in the ground.

As of today there are more modern ways to stash your money at home. One type of money safe is a stash can. Theses are great because you can hide your money and or jewelry in plain site. Stash cans are also called diversion safes. They can come in any shapes, anywhere from a dr. pepper can to a candle