Cobalt Fireproof Safes SB-03C

sb-03c.jpgThis is the Cobalt Fireproof Safes model SB-03C.  This is a favorite model of mine.  Take a look at the outer part of the door.  Notice the over 2 inch thickness in the door.  Then notice the bolt work assembly behind the outer door.
Thats about 5 inches of fireproof and theft resistance.  Very nice and very difficult for a thief to get a crowbar between the wall and the door of the safe to get some leverage to start prying. 

Next I want you to look at the hinges. These are heavy duty ball bearing hinges designed to last a life time.  Also note that in other brands of safes that are not of this quality.  The hinge is the first thing to go. But not on this “hunk a hunk a fireproof steel” as Elvis might have put it!  The Cobalt SB-03c Safe also comes with a Sargent and Greenleaf Dial.  Made in Kentucky by American hands. Got love that.  This dial is also exported all over the world as one of the top dial locks in safe manufacturing.  Real quality with this lock.  Next notice the wall of the safe and the step up into the safe.  This is designed to chanel water from a fireman’s hose away from the inside contents. 

Did I mention the glass relocker?  Well thats another story all together. See my paper on glass relockers .  I won’t bore you hear with it.  But its a great feature for real burglary protection against sledge hammers and crowbars.