Creative & Clever Ways to Hide Your Safe

how to hide a safeEveryone knows what a safe is for.  You don’t put just anything in a safe, you store your most valuable items. These valuable items might not only be of monetary value, rather items of great importance. This can include, titles, deeds, birth certificates, passports, and Social Security cards. Stuff you don’t want to land in the wrong hands.
Even though you own a safe which greatly increases the safety of these items doesn’t mean that your safe can’t be stolen or broken into. For this reason is why it’s smart to place your safe in a smart and concealed area.  Here are some helpful hints and ideas that will hopefully help you decide where to place yours.


  1. Inside a closet is a great spot to put a safe.  Typically a closet in the master bedroom or office. It’s most important that it’s not in an area of high foot traffic or visibility. You want to make sure the safe stays out of sight, which is why if you can hide it in a walk in closest behind some hanging clothes this will ensure it’s not easily found or transported.

  3. Under the stairs. Most homes have that awkward half room, half closet space under the stairs. This is another secluded spot which can easily be concealed and forgotten. Sometimes these rooms can be setup with flush doors that look like a wall panel and are discernable to the naked eye.

  5. Have an old fridge? Fridges can pretty easily be converted into a handy hiding spot. This can be used if you don’t have a super-secret room under the stairs and all you have a corner in your garage. Again, you don’t want the garage door being open and someone to drive by and spot your safe. This makes your house an easy target. Hiding your safe in the Fridge can disguise it in plain sight.

  7. Building the safe into a wall can be a great option if you have the means to make it happen. This is ideal because the safe can be concealed completely behind the wall. If someone does happen to find where it’s at removing it becomes far more difficult and will require more tools and time by the thieves.

  9. The easiest and least expensive route to hiding your safe is to use a cardboard moving box. This will help conceal it but doesn’t require too much protection outside of disguise.

Hopefully these tips will give you a better idea where to place your safe and what may or may not be a good idea.

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Sentry Group Safes


The Sentry Group has produced more security storage items then any other company in the world. They were founded in 1930. The Sentry Group manufactures all different type of safes. There safes are rated number one in protecting personal property from water as well as fire. Safes have five general functions.

A safe in general is used for security. The Sentry Group produces more fire-resistant chests, file cabinets, safes, security storage containers and gun safes than any other company. They have won numerous awards. In 1999 it won “Vendor of the Year” from Lowes. The Sentry Group prides themselves on honestly made and honestly sold products.

Use a wall safe to protect your documents and other valuables

Wall safe

A wall safe is a safe that is mounted in a wall and usually hidden behind something such as a picture or wall hanging.  They get most of their security from the fact that they are hidden – a thief can’t break into something that they don’t know is  there.  They are usually mounted to studs in the wall, but for even more protection consider having one concreted in place.  A wall safe with a good burglary rating encased in concrete is about as secure as you can get.  Wall safes are available in a variety of sizes – think about what you need to store  in the safe to determine what size you will need.

Consider getting a wall safe that also carries a fireproof rating – this will protect your documents and delicate valuables from the effects of a fire, including protection from damage by the water used to put the fire out.  Choose an unobtrusive location for your wall safe and hide it behind something that doesn’t look out of place.  Statistics show that the average time spent by a burglar in your home is only 8 minutes, so they’re likely to concentrate on objects that  are in plain site.  So why not purchase a little peace of mind today by buying a wall safe?

Jacksonville FL. experience surge in the sale of Safes

I have been collecting a series of articles on home safes. See below for another. The below article is about the “run on the banks” in Jacksonville.  Notice that not many news sources are touting this!  This is very real and the FDIC is reporting having run out of money. 

JACKSONVILLE, FL — Buyouts, bailouts, and banks going bust. Everyone, it seems, is worried about whether their money is safe.

Federal data shows domestic bank deposits have dropped by 40 billion dollars over the last few months; and that has a lot more folks buying home safes. One manufacturer says it’s sold 50% more in the last month alone.

Knowell’s Safe and Lock on the Westside is having its biggest year ever. Business started picking up in May and it hasn’t stopped yet. “With the scare in the financial industry and the banking industry, banks closing down, being bought out, it’s a good fear having somebody play with your money, or you being able to watch it,” said Brett Webb at Knowell’s.

Webb’s grandfather started the business 30 years ago. Business has always been good, but now it’s really good. “It started back in May. It might have had something to do with the stimulus checks. It probably did help,” said Webb.

The best sellers are the large walk-in gun safes, even if the buyer doesn’t own a gun. “You get fire protection with a gun safe and a lot of space. Even people who don’t collect guns, you have plenty of shelf space.”

The safes are delivered and installed in homes so no one can come into your home and walk out the door with it, but the key is not to let anyone know you have a safe with valuables including cash in your home.

Home safes can cost between $200 and $3000.

Sentry Safe EQ5433

Sentry Safe EQ5433 is what is called an Executive Safe.  Yes, it looks like a gun safe but notice the shelves in it from top to bottom.  This type of safe is NOT a Fireproof Safe. However, it is a step up in burglary protection.  In the fact it has a UL rating of a “RSC” or Residential Security Container.  What does RSC mean in English? Ahhhh grasshopper, let me tell you what Sentry Safe has been up to!UL Listed Residential Security Rating (TQDE):A safe which has a Group 2 lock must resist an attack test conducted by a professional locksmith with knowledge of the workings of the safe using such tools as chisels, pry bars, and variable speed drills for 5 minutes.  Please note that it will take a lot longer for the average thief to break into this safe.  Also, 5 minutes is a long time huffing, puffing, and prying to get into this safe.  Especially when you realize the average home break in last between 3-8 minutes.  You also need to keep in mind that when a thief is entering your home.  He is coming in empty handed and wants to leave with his hands full.  He is not toting crowbars, sledge hammers, and drills with him! So a safe with an RSC label is a very good safe.  It is important to bolt this safe to the floor in order to take advantage of all its security features.

This Sentry safe also has a group II lock on it.  Which is a very good lock.  Also rated by UL as a quality comination dial lock.  That is often something people forget about, the quality of the lock.  They just look at the safe and not how its made or what materials were used. 

Shelving is adjustable or can be removed all together.  Not a huge selection in colors just green or black. Be sure to call us to specify which color you want or we will call you after you place your order.  This safe also has organizational features in it such as the bungee cords and door back organizer which is handy once you start getting it full of stuff. Overall I like this safe.  Good burglary protection and a large compartment for storage of stuff at an affordable price.  Sentry Safe has done a good job with the model EQ5433. You will find it on our Discount Gun Safes page.

Sentry Safes Gun Safe model GO135

Sentry Gun Safe model GO135.  Meets CDOJ (California Department of  Justice) standards for a Gun Safe.  Hmmmmm, this an inexpensive unit with NO fireprotection.  Ideal for locking away up to 5 guns to keep the kids out.  Nice high security key for the lock.  It is a pry resistant door but in my personal opinion it will only keep the honest people out.  Give a thief a crowbar and a few minutes…I belive he can get inside without too much effort.  Sentry Safe is really trying to reach the standard of “A Gun Safe for Every Gun in America“.  This is a good thing to have this safe available. It would be rough on everyone if all Gun Safes had a starting price of $1000!

If you are operating on tight budget and need to lock away your guns.  This will do what you need it to do.  I would compare the steel to more like you would find on a gym locker.  This is really a beginner Gun Safe by Sentry Safes. 

You find these located on our Discount Gun Safes page.  I have this page as an accumulation of entry level import Gun Safes.  Many of the Safes on this page are excellant and a very good value for your dollar.  But if you start to get confused and your eyes start rolling back into your head, call us.  I can make it quick and painless on you.  So feel free to visit us at

  • Eight lever security key lock with double-bit key
  • Five long-gun maximum storage capacity
  • Solid steel, pry-resistant door
  • Two steel live-locking bolts
  • Concealed hinges
  • Non Fire Rated