Bolt Down Your Safe

One of the most common questions I hear is “Should I bolt down my safe?”, my immediate response is always yes.  It doesn’t matter where you live – if you are going to store something in your safe that you consider valuable – do it!  A safe is really just there to by time – if the safe can be carried out of your home how much time is it really going to by you? None!

You can go to your local hardware store and get the bolts needed to bolt it down – such as a red headed toggle bolt.  Don’t bolt your safe down with a short bolt that won’t go down into the concrete very far- this makes it far to easy to pick up and walk off with.   If you use some common sense with the purchase of your safe – you will be set.

I realize that there are times when a theft will happen even if the safe is bolted down.  If this is the case – you have done everything you could to prevent the safe from going missing.  Although unfortunate, you can at least tell yourself you did everything you could to prevent it from happening.

This article”15,000 reward offered in memorial-area armed robberies” is a great example.  The safe was not bolted down and was wheeled down the stairs with a dolly.  While they were in the home for an hour stealing items – it might have provided a better chance of the safe staying in the home had it been bolted down.

RG-16 Gun Safe


Looking for a gun safe?  It takes a lot of research and work on your part to find a good gun safe that suits your needs.  Some of it relies on the information the manufacturer gives you and some of it relies on customer service and asking the right questions. This Hollon RG-16 Repulic Series gun safe is simply amazing.  I was very skeptical about these gun safes before I saw them.  I sure heard a lot of good stuff about them – but the amount of good information I hear about safes is always ongoing.  My jaw dropped when I saw these safes.  They are absolutely a beautiful safe.  They are made very well and they are very sturdy.  The tan interior goes very well with the black exterior and looks very sharp.


I would recommend this gun safe to anyone looking for a gun safe.  It has adjustable and removable shelving on the right hand side and gun racking on the left hand side with a shelf on top.  While this safe has an electronic lock it also has an override key which can not be duplicated – so breaking in via the key hole is a very hard thing to happen.  The overall steel gauge is 3 on the door and 9 on the body – how amazing!  You don’t find steel gauge this thick on most gun safes without paying a couple thousand dollars for these.

The TRTL-30×6 Safe

If you are in the market for a safe, chances are you don’t really know what to look for. Unlike many other products, most of us will only purchase one safe in a lifetime, so most people simply rely on industry professionals to glean information pertaining to their purchase. For those looking for a standard safe with well-balanced features, the TRTL-30×6 safe is your best bet. The abbreviation TRTL stands for “torch and tool resistant,” which is exactly what these safes are.

Numerous jewelers, financial institutions and other business utilize these safes to house there most valuable assets. All six sides of the safe are highly reinforced with concrete material and magnesium hardplates to withstand an attack or damage on any front. These safes are fireproof and feature a sleek façade, maintaining a professional appearance.

Adapting to a Suddenly Treacherous Neighborhood

fireproof safes

My family moved to a quiet, suburban neighborhood about 10 years ago, when I first landed a job at a nearby plastics company. At first everything was fine and we made many new friends in the neighborhood. The area was so safe that we would occasionally leave our doors unlocked. Then the economy started going sour and budget motels and liquor stores started opening across the river.

Watching the local news one night, I was shocked to find out that a string of burglaries had been occurring just a few blocks from my home. I knew right then that it would be necessary to take action before anything bad happened to my family or our humble home. I went online in search of a home surveillance system and fireproof safes for our valuables.

Certified Safe – is that good enough to protect your valueables?

We all think that when we get a safe that says it is certified against fire and/or theft we have a great safe right?  Unfortunately, that is not always the case.  I have run across many safes such as Sentry and First Alert models that say they are fireproof and burglar proof when they really aren’t.  If a safe is plastic on the outside, how do you expect it to stand up against a fire?  Common sense says it won’t.  Follow your gut instinct when purchasing a safe.  If you feel like it is a bad idea don’t get it.

Do your research!  I have went to Youtube many times and have seen lots of videos of safes getting broken into with no problems.  Just to see how easy it was to get into makes me cringe!  Check different blogs, reviews, videos, anything you can get your hands on.  A more informed person is much better than a non-informed person.

Gun Safes with Concealed Hinges

When we look at a safe we try to think of the weak points in a safe and figure whether it is worth our money.  Instant common sense tells us that concealed hinges are a safe bet and don’t think about the cons that this poses.  If you think about the structure of the safe, as the door closes there has to be room for the hinges to fold back into as the door closes.

This is very commonly the place in which many manufacturers don’t put any fireproofing.  My father in law has  Liberty Centurion Gun Safe with the concealed hinges.  I was doing some checking on the safe and found what I was afraid of, that he had no fireproofing on that side of the safe.  This little bit of area makes the entire safe non fireproof and a waste of money if you needed it for the fire protection.  I was looking at Lowes the other day also, and found the same safe, but a newer model, with the same problem.  The thin steel that the safe is made out of is easily penetrated into the area in which the hinges are located, which also makes it fairly easy to break into.Think twice about buying a gun safe with concealed hinges – they aren’t as safe as one might think!

ATM Safes

I ran across an article talking about ATM safes.  Many robbers think that these safes are easy to break into – they are made out of plastic.  On the contrary, these are very strong safes.  Many attempts have been made to break into these through many different means, the most popular dynamite.  Even I thought that dynamite would penetrate one of these safes.  Well, a criminal in Germany tried to blow up the ATM and in turn blew up half of the bank instead.  The one thing that survived the explosion was the ATM.  Think again criminals.  To anyone out there thinking about breaking into a safe – you really should give the safe the benefit of the doubt before you blow up the building, or worse, yourself.

Programing Eletronic Keypad for Safes

There is a great video on how to program an electronic keypad on one of the Hollon Safe fire and burglary safes.  I found it on and it is short but covers the basics.  Take a quick peak at it. But note that this programing is only for the Hollon Safe Fire & Burglary keypad or the FB series. Video Be sure it looks like the keypad on the safe below.  If there is another keypad electronic lock you need help with I will do my best to get on here soon.


Drop Safes Help Prevent Theft

Drop Safes Help Prevent Theft

Your employees can be your biggest liability when it comes to a worrisome economy, low pay, or even personal desperation. No employer can control the factors that influence an employee to steal, and there’s no surefire way to determine which employees are higher risk.


But you can prevent the way they see and handle your money, with drop safes. Drop safes not only make it more difficult for employees to steal, but they send an unspoken message to your team that you don’t take business lightly, and that safety is important to you. An employee who sees security measures in place is less likely to plan a theft than one who watches operations flow by with no protection, and, seemingly, no emotional investment in whether or not a few dollars disappear.


Drop safes allow regular deposits to be put in the safe via a entry-only door. Deposits can be made by virtually anyone, but only someone with the combination can open the safe and remove the contents. For busy cash registers, this means your employees can regularly drop excess cash into the safe before it builds up to too-tempting proportions. Likewise, a register that is regularly emptied is less tempting to an outside thief.


The vast majority of thefts are done as inside jobs, or at the least, by thieves who make themselves familiar with the business before making their move. Drop safes provide an extra level of protection, and in all but the most extreme cases, the only level of protection you’ll need.


A small, one-time investment in a drop safe is infinitely more valuable to your business than an insurance policy that can only attempt to recreate what was lost. Why take the chance on theft in the first place? In some cases, having onsite safes can lower your insurance policy, saving you even more money in the long run. Check out the Drop Safe Sale

Safe Videos

When people are looking to buy a safe, people really would prefer to be able to see it themselves, touch it, use the lock mechanism, etc. before they feel fully comfortable purchasing them.  Unfortunately, this is not always possible.  What’s the next best thing?  Talking on a phone?  Seeing pictures? How about watching a video on the safe?

A video, in my opinion, is the best idea yet.  A video shows you what pictures can’t.  You can see someone standing up by the safe or walking around it and you get a good idea of size by that.  This guy makes tons of videos about his safes and is very informative.  He explains the pros and cons of the safe and shows every part of the safe that you would be interested in, of course that is in my opinion.  You get to see the item how it is packed and looks before it ships to you.

 This video in particular  is shot at the warehouse and there is nothing staged about it.  You see other products behind the safe, you see the boxing and feet that come on the safe when it is shipped from over seas.  It is apparent these safes are good quality safes just by looking at the door with it open to see the thickness of the door.  If you want a more honest opinion about a safe, look for videos on the safe – it will show you a lot.