B Rated Safes model DV-2117

One of the things I have noticed is when it comes to safes, the B rated Safes are the neglected category of safes.  Nobody is out there searching for these types of safes.  I think its just a lack of education in the market place.  We locksmiths, as a group, are a lot like magicians.  Pretty tight lipped when it comes to talking.  We really don’t do much selling and only answer questions when someone shows a real interest.  However, IF a real interest is shown,  we also have tendency to ramble until our customers eyes roll back in their heads!  Leaving them wishing they would have NEVER asked!  (This is my sin…and confession is good for the soul they say..)

Lets take a look at the model DV2117 from Hayman Safe.  It’s rating is UL listed 1 1/2 fireproof safe.  UL is important here because you may be comparing this model with an SB-02c from Cobalt which is rated as a 2 hour fireproof safe.  You read it and think Wow, its two hours! That’s gotta be better than 1 1/2 hours….right?!?  Ahhhh, slow down grasshopper and let us look at this more closely. 

The two hour fireproof safe is not UL listed. But only “factory tested”…which is good.  But what does factory tested mean?  (I’m using the SB-02c as a hypothetical subject to compare against) The Sb-02c is put in a furnace with propane torches hitting it on all sides.  They turn up the heat to 1700 degrees for two hours.  Then turn it off and check inside temp to make sure it didn’t go above 350 degrees inside and charr the paper.  Well, maybe it charred it just a little…thats good enough for the factory and great for advertising! 

However, the same test at UL and it would be knocked down to the lower category and retested.  They also test with high quality testing equipment where the factory just throws it in the oven and sets the temperature at 1700 degrees and bake for 2 hours. Now then its important to point out what the fire department tells us about fire.  Which is a normal home or office burns at only 950 degrees…relatively cool when compared to 1700+ degrees. (not that I want to be in either situation)  So both safes have darn good protection. 

Hmmm. This should give you some food for thought. Personally, I would buy the B rated over the SB-02c because I know without a doubt what it will do in regards to fire.  Now in regards to burglary.

This is a UL Test B Rated safe.  Which means these guys have pulled out the tools and  crowbars etc.  and have scientifically beat the living snot out it!  They have also drilled on it, hammered, pry-ed to their hearts content AND it still held up.  Gotta love that.  Where the SB-02c has not been through this rigorous testing.  The factory only looked at it and designed it to hold up to similar attacks that UL performed on the B rated safe.  They may have even taken a crow bar and tools to it on the back driveway to see if it holds up.  “It did, GREAT lets call it a fire and burglary safe!”  Not very scientific but at least they did something to test this model.

You should now have a good feeling about why you would want a UL listed fire and B rated safe.  Take a look at the other postings on b rated safes to get a good idea of how this safe is made.  It is basically a medium size safe, with a wall bolt locking mechanisim and two holes in the bottom to secure it to the floor for total protection.  Take a look at one at www.ValueSafes.com for more size deminsions and details of price.

Our Mission and Goal: SAFES and Security

Since there is no “Consumer Reports” that rates safes.  None even in the locksmith industry in regards to quality, price, and over all value.  What we will doing is giving a model by model testimony or professional rating.  If you have used one of the following models in the past or currently using any type of Fireproof Safe,  TL 15, or High Security Safe….or well, any safe for that matter.  We are going to try and cover it here. 

Please note that over the next year I hope to touch on over 450 models of Safe.  From all kinds of  manufactures from Sentry Safe, Honeywell Safe, Cobalt Safes, Gardall, Fire Fyter Safes, American Security Safes, Hayman Safe, Diamond Back Gun Safes, Cannon Gun Safes,  Pacific Security Products, and Protex just to name a few.

I’m going to be going over the Firproof ratings and what it means.  Defining the difference between “sticky fingers” and real burglary ratings. 

So if you have a safe or security question please feel free to chat about here!  All are welcome.