Load and Lock: The Importance of Gun Safes

Gun SafesMost firearm owners know the importance of safely handling and storing their guns, not to mention ensuring that they are out of the reach of children or others in the home who should not have access to firearms. Gun safes are great for maintaining a secure and protected location to keep your rifles, pistols and any ammunition or accessories.


Firearm safes have been around for many years as one of the most common methods of securing guns within a home or business. In addition to other locking devices, like trigger locks and loading indicators, safes prevent unintentional tampering or access by children by keeping your guns not only out of their sight, but also out of their reach.


In fact, gun safes are one of the best ways to remain in compliance with the law in some states. In Massachusetts, firearms must always be kept in either a sealed and locked container or outfitted with a tamper-resistant locking mechanism, according to the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. In addition, California, Connecticut and New York also mandate locks in certain circumstances, such as during sales or if cohabitating with individuals with a criminal record or history of mental health. Seven other states also require locks in sales situations.


Gun safes also generally are large enough to accommodate any extra ammunition that you may have. While most people think that locking up a gun is sufficient, if a child gets access to live rounds, they may inadvertently set it off, which could result in a tragic accident. Securing your ammunition with your gun keeps them both secure, and offers the added bonus of allowing you to keep everything you need for enjoyment of your firearm in one convenient place.


Many safes are also capable of holding additional paperwork or valuables, making them a great option for keeping treasured items and any important documents for your firearm, your business or even your personal information. Value Safes carries a great selection of Winchester gun safes to keep your firearms. Available in a range of colors, styles and sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect option for your home. Take a look at our inventory, or give us a call today for more information.



Creative & Clever Ways to Hide Your Safe

how to hide a safeEveryone knows what a safe is for.  You don’t put just anything in a safe, you store your most valuable items. These valuable items might not only be of monetary value, rather items of great importance. This can include, titles, deeds, birth certificates, passports, and Social Security cards. Stuff you don’t want to land in the wrong hands.
Even though you own a safe which greatly increases the safety of these items doesn’t mean that your safe can’t be stolen or broken into. For this reason is why it’s smart to place your safe in a smart and concealed area.  Here are some helpful hints and ideas that will hopefully help you decide where to place yours.


  1. Inside a closet is a great spot to put a safe.  Typically a closet in the master bedroom or office. It’s most important that it’s not in an area of high foot traffic or visibility. You want to make sure the safe stays out of sight, which is why if you can hide it in a walk in closest behind some hanging clothes this will ensure it’s not easily found or transported.

  3. Under the stairs. Most homes have that awkward half room, half closet space under the stairs. This is another secluded spot which can easily be concealed and forgotten. Sometimes these rooms can be setup with flush doors that look like a wall panel and are discernable to the naked eye.

  5. Have an old fridge? Fridges can pretty easily be converted into a handy hiding spot. This can be used if you don’t have a super-secret room under the stairs and all you have a corner in your garage. Again, you don’t want the garage door being open and someone to drive by and spot your safe. This makes your house an easy target. Hiding your safe in the Fridge can disguise it in plain sight.

  7. Building the safe into a wall can be a great option if you have the means to make it happen. This is ideal because the safe can be concealed completely behind the wall. If someone does happen to find where it’s at removing it becomes far more difficult and will require more tools and time by the thieves.

  9. The easiest and least expensive route to hiding your safe is to use a cardboard moving box. This will help conceal it but doesn’t require too much protection outside of disguise.

Hopefully these tips will give you a better idea where to place your safe and what may or may not be a good idea.

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Gun Safes: Keeping them Secure and Handy

gun safeKeeping your family safe is your number one priority.


You will want to keep them safe from harming themselves with your guns, but you also want to keep the guns around to protect yourself from possible intruders.


So what exactly is the happy medium for all involved?


Gun Safes are the answer to your questions. Investing money in a quality gun safe will ensure your families safety and it will also ensure the safety of your investment in guns.


Safes come in all different sizes and shapes, they all have different purposes but they all have the same use of keeping your guns safe. Large gun vaults are intended to be secured to a fixed location and only you will have access to get into the safe. These are typically a larger investment but they will hold your valuable guns and firearms safely within its door.


Another option is Small floor gun safes or drawer safes. This can be easily and discreetly placed under a bed, in a closet or even under the living room couch. If you are using a safe of this size you will want to conceal in a manner than others will not know it is there. If they can see the safe they may not immediately be able to gain access inside the safe but this does not mean they cannot take the whole unit and eventually break in.


Remember you guns are important to keep safe not only because they are dangerous if not used properly but they are also an investment that you do not want to lose. If you practice proper gun storage and safety you will make everyone around you feel more confident about your gun usage.


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Bugging Out: What You Need and Where You Need Them

bug out bag


For those who aren’t familiar, “bugging out” refers to grabbing your bug out bag and hastily leaving the disaster zone, according to Preparing for SHTF. Instead of panicking and not knowing what to do, you come up with a plan. The down side to this plan of action is that you don’t know for sure what you will need or what you will encounter once you leave your location, so it’s best to be as prepared as humanly possible.




What to Include in Your Bug-Out Bag 

Before you can start on your journey of preparedness, you have to know exactly what your budget is, so you can know exactly what to pack, realistically. The five areas to keep in mind are food, water, shelter, security, and sanitation. Here are some basic items (list courtesy of Survivalist Prepper) to keep in your bag:


  • Fixed blade knife: These are durable and steady. They will last longer than foldable blades.
  • Folding knife: These are handy for smaller jobs where fixed blades are just too big.
  • Multi tools: From opening cans to cutting down small branches, these tools are handy.
  • Folding shovel: you can’t shovel with a multi tool, so this is good to keep around.
  • Lighters: Even though you will want a fire starting kit, it’s undoubtedly easier to use lighters.
  • Fire starting kit: You always want multiple ways to start a fire.
  • Water filter and purification tablets: You never know if your water sources are clean.
  • Water bottle: Aluminum is best in case it needs to be heated.
  • Flashlight/glow sticks/headlamp: Having multiple light sources is best.
  • First aid kit: This can reflect your skill level as to how simple or complex it is, but it should include bandages, tape, dressings, and any medications needed.
  • Compass: It can be pretty easy to lose your sense of direction and get lost.
  • Analog watch: These don’t require batteries and can also be used to find direction as well.
  • Tarp: A multipurpose item to keep handy.
  • Duct tape: Not only can this help with patching holes or fixing things, it can be used in a pinch to close a wound.
  • Heavy duty trash bag: Another great multipurpose item. Make sure to get heavy duty so that they can stand up to the weather.
  • Maps of the area: You should have a map of both the area you’re in, plus possible bug out areas.
  • Food items: Pack enough for 3 days worth of calories. You will need a minimum of 1,000 a day.
  • Hand sanitizer: This should be in your first aid kit, but these are good to have for your sanitation. Also great if you don’t have access to showers.
  • Work/heavy duty gloves: These are worth it- you don’t want to cut your hands up.
  • Change of clothes: In case clothes become wet or damaged.
  • Important documents: This can be forms of ID or possibly even hidden money.
  • Survival manuals: This comes in handy if you’re in an unfamiliar situation and stressing out.


Finding a Good Bug-Out Location

When it comes to a bug out location, there are a lot of things to consider.
The first thing to keep in mind is that you want to keep away from the cities. More often than not you’re better off chancing the wilderness than an urban shelter. You want to be somewhere that isn’t as crowded. There are risks of transportation and other accommodations being shut down if you’re in the middle of a big city. Not only this, but provisions will become extremely hard to find.
Have a backup plan- don’t count on living in the wild. It’s a great idea for the reasons we just mentioned, but you won’t be the only person who would have thought of it. Only those who are experienced with the wilderness (campers, hunters etc) should focus on those areas. Depending on where you live and which part of the country, it might be just as dangerous as the city. You will undoubtedly come across others looking for the same necessities. Weather is also a big factor.
We cannot stress location enough. Living too close to the coast means an increase in population, which means fewer supplies, more disease, and easily more violence. You also need to keep in mind any weather issues that might apply to the area, such as blizzards, tornadoes, or earthquakes. These are all generalized guidelines, of course. Check out land or abandoned areas as soon as you can to make the best decision possible. Lastly, if you have the ability, look for higher ground or a place that is easily hidden.
Consider your support group. Do you have a family? Think about the size. Also, if you have extended family, is the distance achievable with one tank of gas? If you’re only working with one other person, it would be easy to be overrun and others can steal your supplies. Having more people can help with this situation, but you want to find a balance when it comes to supplies.
It’s good to be prepared for anything, but it’s smart to know your limitations, too.

Storing Items at Your Bug-Out Location

Now that you know where you’re going, it’s good to know how to stock your location as well. The supplies needed are going to be pretty similar to what your bug out bag should include; only you have the ability to store more of it.
You want to ensure that you have plenty of food and water along with tools, ammo, cooking utensils/equipment, and medical equipment. It should be easier to set up camp at your bug out location.
Let’s face it- once you get to your bug out location you want to ensure your supplies are safe, and stored somewhere that makes sense. Here are a couple of easy options:

fireproof safeFireproof Safes

In cases of a natural disaster, fireproof safes are one type of safe you will want handy. Things like important documents, medicine, and water purification tools can easily be stored in this safe. These are items you want to make sure are around when you need them, but aren’t hard to reach. Not only will they be handy, they are more likely to stand up to the elements. With everything else on your mind, you won’t have to worry about the durability of your safe carrying your valuables.



gun safeGun Safes

Bug-out locations are not going to be very effective if you don’t have ammo; or if it winds up in the wrong hands, for that matter. Gun safes are a smart and safe way to store your guns and other weapons that will allow only you to access them and keep potential children safe from them. One of your most valuable assets will be guarded in a gun safe, especially made to hold that kind of cargo.




floor safeFloor Safes

If you are looking to store supplies such as food or medicine, then it’s a smart idea to make sure it’s well hidden. You don’t want to let your items fall into the wrong hands, so you should seriously consider a floor safe. These safes are easy to conceal and allow you to rest easy knowing that no one unwanted will be snooping in your belongings.


If you have questions about which safes are best to use in your particular emergency, give us a call today.

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How to Maintain and Clean a Gun Safe

gun safe
Anyone who owns a gun of any type knows the importance of having a gun safe. They keep kids away and make it so that no accidents can happen. But did you know it’s important to keep them clean and maintained as well?
To make sure they work properly, here are some great tips on how keep your safe clean and maintained.


  • Make sure you dust your safe once a month. Whether it’s a feather duster or dusting wipes, make sure you do this regularly. If you leave dust on the surface for very long, it can be very hard to get back off and it gets everywhere!

  • Make sure you don’t use metal polishes or solvents. If you use these, you can damage the protective layering that prevents tarnish.

  • Look around at the different surfaces of your safe. Are there scratches or other blemishes? These can easily be taken care of with touch up paint.

  • Make sure to keep your locking bolts well oiled, otherwise they may not work effectively. To do this, add a small amount of grease to the front, side, and bottom of the bolts once a year and this will prevent it from sticking.

  • Also, you should have a certified lock technician look at the lock once a year because they might be able to catch some issues you were not aware of.

  • Lastly, check out the fire seal. If it is not damaged, then there is no work to be done on it. However, if there is any damage like rips, then you need to replace it.

Some of these tips and tricks will work on other safes as well, but it is crucial that you make sure your  gun safe is working properly to ensure people can’t get into it like your kids, and to make sure you can access it in the case of an emergency.

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Buying a Gun Safe: What to Consider

gun safe
There’s a certain element of paranoia for anyone who owns a firearm. You can take all of the precaution in the world and still get that uneasy feeling when you have an armed (or unarmed) weapon in your possession.
Through television and Internet outlets, there has been a lot of media cover about how to keep guns, knives and weapons out of the wrong hands. The best protection is by use of a safe. A good safe is one that has all of the bells and whistles in order to keep guns locked safely away.
But what exactly are those bells and whistles? With many safes on the market now, it can be difficult to choose the right one. There are two key components to consider before buying a safe. We’ve outlined them below.
The steel thickness is the first to consider. Some companies are choosing composite doors over steel ones. The composite doors are actually thin and folded pieces of sheet metal with sheetrock inside. This material serves no actual real protection against a safe break-in. What you really want is a safe made of 100% thick steel.
Next is to look at the locking bolts. You will want to make sure these parts that keep the safe together are thick and non-flimsy. Strong durable metal should be used or else it will be very easy for a thief to get in. If all it takes is little effort to bend the internal parts of the safe, then the safe is not worth a purchase.
Personal safety is paramount, so it only makes sense that you invest in a safe that will do its job.

Tips to Remember When Shopping for Gun Safes

Shopping for quality gun safes is essential if you are going to own or collect firearms. In some states, if you do not have your guns properly secured, you can be held legally responsible for what happens if someone does steal the weapons. Even if you do not have this legal responsibility in your state, you of course still do not want your weapons in the hands of anyone who does not have your permission. While the safes may seem like a large investment, they are certainly important, and there are a few tips to keep in mind when making your decision.

First, you should do your research and explore your options. Hollon gun safes are widely accepted as providing the highest quality products on the market, but it couldn’t hurt to compare their specs with the specs of their competitors. Find a reliable Internet retailer, with a large inventory, and take note of what each brand has to offer you. When comparing the specs of the different brands, look for designs that will prevent drilling or any other tampering of any kind. The highest quality brands of safes will be those constructed and reinforced out of heavy-gauge steel.

When faced with different options, it is worth it to pay a little extra for the fire protection. The models constructed using thick fireboards have been proven effectively protect contents even in the presence of very high heats. Look for gun safes that have passed two-hour fireproofing tests. Many of these options will even be able to safely store your most important paperwork in the event of a house fire.

Lastly, it is wise to shop for gun safes that are at least a little bit larger than what you actually need. The price difference between one safe, and the model the next size up, is typically not that substantial, and can save you a lot of money in the long term. If you choose to go with the design that is exactly the size that you need, what happens when you decide to add another gun to your collection?

Your safest plan of action is to give yourself a bit of breathing room so that you do not have to worry about this situation in the future. In the mean time, you can use the extra space to save any documents, jewelry, or other precious items that need extra protection.


The Benefits of Shopping Online for Your Gun Safe

If you are going to be storing firearms in your home for any reason, it is very wise to invest in a quality gun safe. This will keep the gun or guns out of reach of any children, burglars, or any other individuals who are not authorized to use the weapon. The safety of your gun is as important as the safety that gun brings to your home. Before you rush out to a department store to find a safe, you should consider turning to the Internet as a better resource.

By shopping online for your gun safe, you can make a more informed and educated decision regarding your purchase. The best and most reputable online retailers will offer you a lengthy description of each model, and all of the specs. By shopping over the Internet, you can also access an extremely large inventory in one place. Instead of traveling to several different stores looking for a model that has every feature that you need, you can find what you require from the convenience of your home. This is certainly not an instance when you should settle for the first safe that you see.

As you browse the inventory of gun safes available to you, take a moment to do a side-by-side comparison of each type. Make sure the model you choose is large enough for the guns that you plan to store. There are brands available that can be anchored to walls, the floor, those that are designed to withstand being dropped or hit, and those that cannot be pried open. Choose the model that will make you most comfortable.

When you lock your guns into a gun safe, it is important you are the only person who can get them out, and that you can access them quickly. In order to do this, you should look online for varieties of safes that have easy to use digital locks. If you are worried that another person has learned your code, you have the power to change it instantly.

Last, but certainly not least, shopping online gives the buyer a great advantage when it comes to price. These online retailers do not experience all of the added overhead costs that physical stores do. They typically work directly with the manufactures, and can provide the lowest discount prices on the market. By shopping online, you can get the perfect gun safe at the perfect price.

Introducing the Republic Gun Safe

If you want to get the biggest value for your dollar when finding a safe solution for storing your firearms, a Republic gun safe from Hollon will pleasantly surprise you. Hollon has built a solid reputation for producing carefully crafted products for gun owners, and any other individuals interested in keeping their special belongings protected. They have earned this reputation by designing products that have all of the features that customers want, and by manufacturing safes that are virtually impenetrable by man or nature.

Not every gun owner can afford to purchase a premium two our fireproof safe, with majorly thick steel reinforced doors and walls, but that does not mean that superior protection is not obtainable. The Republic gun safe is a lower cost, extremely valuable alternative that still provides some remarkable features to any owners of firearms.

The Republic safes include multiple layers of fireboard both in the body and the door of the safe. This material provides one-hour fireproof protection for your guns. This means that if the safe were to be exposed to flames at 1250 degrees Fahrenheit, the contents would be unharmed for at least one hour. Most home fires burn at a temperature significantly lower than 1250 degrees. In addition to the fireboard, these safes also include a heat activated expandable seal that, when heated, will completely seal the door against any outside smoke or water.

Of course, fire is not the only thing that you are trying to keep away from your weapons. The Republic gun safe will ensure that only those authorized to access the guns will be able to do so. They are able to protect your guns with the help of a ¼” solid steel plate covering to door, multiple locking bolts covering all sides of the door, and an drill resistant armored hard plate protecting the lock. Burglars will not be able to pry, punch, or force their way into your safe.

Having a quality safe is not just about having a great place to store your guns, even though you can upgrade your safe to have a cushy plush lining. All gun owners have a very important responsibility to keep their weapons out of the wrong hands, whether those hands are the hands of intruders, or the hands of children. In order to get the highest quality solutions, at the best prices imaginable, the Hollon Republic gun safe series cannot be ignored.

Fireproof Gun Safe Makes for a Wise Investment

Statistically speaking, your home has a better change of experiencing a fire than a burglary. Fortunately, a fireproof gun safe can help you protect effectively against either of these very unfortunate circumstances. If you have firearms, they need to be stored very securely when not in use. Not only do you not want your weapons to fall into the wrong hands, but you also do not want these expensive items, or any of your other important valuables, damaged in the event of a home fire. Now, there is a product that can give you real solutions.

If you are already in the market for a safe, it is very wise to go ahead and upgrade your choice to a fireproof gun safe. You may have to pay a slightly larger price, but the value that you will receive, and the added piece of mind, will certainly be worth it. You can choose from one of many designs that have extra adjustable shelves and compartments, which are perfect for storing important documents, jewelry, or other special items along with your firearms.

A fireproof gun safe is constructed with a very thick door and body, which are reinforced with fire resistant concrete. These safes go through rigorous tests before being placed on the market in order to receive a trustworthy fire rating. If you are purchasing from a reliable retailer, the specs of the safe, including the fire rating, should be readily available.

Most varieties will be called one hour fireproof or two hour fireproof. These terms are referring to the amount of time the items inside the fireproof safe will be unharmed in the event that they safe is exposed to extremely high temperatures. Most designs are tested using temperatures that are much higher than the average house fire, ensuring that the item will perform as necessary.

Of course, a fireproof gun safe is also expertly constructed to keep even the savviest burglars away from your valuables as well. A high quality safe will protect against drilling, prying, and all other tampering techniques. However, to really rest easy knowing that your items are out of harms way, it is certainly worth the investment to add the fire protection as well. It has been proven time and time again that the contents of a normal safe will largely be consumed and damaged in the event of a fire, while those in a fireproof safe have a substantially hire chance of remaining completely unharmed.