Why are Drop & Depository Safes Prevalent?

Depending on the use one may have for a safe, depository safes are important for fast deposits. With a front drop loader or rotary hopper, there’s no need for entering a combination or code for opening a door to make a deposit. For the uninitiated, some people speculate why their keypad only lasted for a couple years when they’re using it 5-10 times a day.  The front drop access prolongs the life of the dial or keypad and decreases the wear and tear of the locking mechanism.  Great for commercial use, retail companies, restaurants, convenience stores, and money handlers love depository safes specifically for this reason. Before buying a depository safe, one may also ask these questions:

What is the range of currency I want to keep in a B rated depository safe?

Any answer for someone professional in the safe business to provide you to this question would be an opinion due to the fact that there are multiple security measures you should contemplate other than simply owning a safe. Ideally, the more money you need to keep in the safe, the more aware you want to be of the security protecting the safe itself.  Such as, having a depository safe with a couple thousand dollars sitting under the register with a blanket over it compared to having it in a locked room with a security system installed.

On a daily basis, how often will I make deposits?

As mentioned before, not having to enter a combination or code to open a door just to put things inside a safe saves time and insures longer lasting locks from excess use. If you need to make a safe deposit daily, look no further. Quick and fast deposits save time and worry when it comes to preventing potential lurkers while handling money.

A recommendation:

Whereas most safe manufacturers design B rated safes to meet the minimum requirements, (at least ¼” thick steel body with a ½” steel door) they don’t have a variety of different models. Unless you want to find a company to fabricate a safe to your measurements (which can be quite expensive) Hollon Safe Company will most likely have the model that meets your size specifications due to their considerable selection with an additional option of a roller hopper depository or front loading door. For example, their most popular depository safe HDS-2014 stands above its competitor model Not too heavy, not too light, at 90 lbs. the HDS-2014 is fit for any ideal location and can easily be concealed if needed. With an option of a Sergeant & Greenleaf dial or S&G Spartan keypad this safe is designed to meet the most basic needs one may have for a safe in mind. With 4 bolt down holes, a well-grounded heavy duty safe is not to be taken lightly when it comes to security. Not that looks matter when you shouldn’t show off your safe nevertheless Hollon does have better looking depositories compared to their competitor models such as Gardall and Amsec.

Hollon’s Current HDS-2014 Model

Ways to Prevent a Residential Burglary [Infographic]


Protecting your home can be one of the hardest jobs to perfect. Your house holds some, if not all of your most prized possessions such as the stash of money you have saved for years, your family’s heirlooms, jewelry, expensive technology and most importantly, your family. Although it may not seem to be an extremely common occurrence, residential burglaries actually happen about every 15 seconds and over 5,400 burglaries happen per day. Even if you believe that you are living in a safe community, a burglary can happen to anyone at any time. There are many safety precautions that you can take in order to keep your home and your belongings safe from being stolen or damaged.


Don’t be a show off – if you leave certain belongings that can be seen from pedestrians and drivers outside your house, they are now knowledgeable of some of the things you own, and possibly a perception that you may own other particular items. This can be dangerous because it may:

o   Draw attention and lure others to your property

o   Lead others to suspect you of owning valuable items

o   If the item is in an open space, a passerby may easily snatch it up and take it with them


Leave lights on – If burglars believe that someone is home, they are less likely to approach the property or the house. Leaving the lights on is one of the most common signs of making it known to others that somebody is home in the household.


  • Another way to “trick” burglars is to place a home security sign in plain sight in your yard so that they think it will be difficult to enter into your home.


Be careful where you leave your spare key – The best option would be to not leave a spare key around the outskirts of your home, but if it’s a must for your household, make sure it is hidden very well. Place it in a space that only you and your family members are aware of and can find. Make sure you don’t make it obvious when grabbing your spare key from the hidden place because people walking or driving by may pick up on your secret location.


Make arrangements when you leave town – If you are planning to leave for an extended period of time or even just a few days, make your trusted neighbors, friends, or family aware, so that they can periodically check on your home to make sure all is well.


  • Have somebody collect your mail or have your post office stop your mail while you are away. If a burglar notices that mail is piling up in your mailbox that is an instant notification that nobody is home.


Though sometimes burglaries are unable to be stopped, you can help lessen the effects of the occurrence by taking precautions. One of the safest and most helpful in protecting your treasured items is a value safe. Value Safes Inc. is a company that specializes in all different strengths and sizes of safes. Since this is a family run business, they know the importance of home safety and the significance of up keeping a home in a safe manner. Value Safes Inc. offers a large variety of quality safes for any of your personal belongings that need to be kept safe and stowed away.


How Bad is Burglary in the US?



Everyone Should Have a Safe

Many people think that buying a safe means they’re uncomfortable with the safety of their neighborhood. There are over two million burglaries each year, and these could happen in your very safe neighborhood. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a top of the line safe if you’re just protecting general items. However, a safe rated TL-15 can discourage thieves from attempting to crack it, since these safes resist hand tools for up to fifteen minutes. No thief wants to hang around that long, which means they’ll give up long before they can get to your valuables inside the safe.

Choosing High Tech Safes

Safes are getting some amazing high tech upgrades lately. Most safes you find anymore rarely use the combination dial, and some don’t even use keypads. Biometrics is the hottest thing in technology, and they’re being used on just about everything anymore. This includes safes where the touch of a finger, as long as it’s the right finger, can open the safe in just a matter of moments. You don’t need to worry about remembering combinations or passwords, and you certainly don’t need to worry about anyone else figuring out how to get into your safe. The HZ-30 is the most popular model of high tech safes, and it may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Choosing a Top Notch Safe

The TXTL-60 safe is one of the highest rated safes available, and that means it offers some serious security for you and your belongings. This safe can protect your valuables from hand tools, torches, and explosives for no less than one hour. It can also protect your things in a fire for up to two hours. Most homes find that this safe is too expensive and just too much for the belongings that need protection, but if you have large valuables or things that just can’t be left to a lower rated safe, then any TXTL-60 rated safe may be exactly what you need.

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Safes, general questions to ask.

Safes: In general, Safes are going to offer a huge varity of quality and prices. When it comes to purchasing your Safe, take a moment to see how its made.  Ask if your Safe can be serviced.  I know that sounds crazy but I just got off the phone with a guy that had a Sentry Safe.  The electronic kepad went bad just after one year.  Sentry Safe told him to get a crowbar and pop the safe open.  Then throw away the safe and go buy another one! A year after he bought his Safe he has to buy another?  That should tell you about whats out there for sale in the Safe and security marketplace.

Questions to ask of your salesperson are, is the Safe made of steel?  Is the Safe fireproof?  How long is the safe fireproof rating?  What size are the bolts on the Safe? Can the Safe be bolted to the floor?  Is warrenty work on the Safe done at my place or do I have to ship it somewhere?  How long has the manufacturer of this Safe been in business in the USA? 

Some of the questions you need to ask yourself.  What am I putting in the safe?  How much fireproof protection do I want for my stuff?  What kind of theft protection do I need?  Do I want to mess with a dial or would I want the ease of a keypad?  Where am I going to put in the house and do I have enough room for what I need or want?  Do I live in a high crime area? (most cities over 700k population have double the crime rate compared to average crime rate stats).  Do I have good locks on the house? Do I have an alarm?

Think layers of protecti0n when you are focusing on security for your home or office.  Keep in mind that these are general questions to ask and to think about.  You will get more as you start shopping.  Please read through more of our blog on Safes to get a better idea of quality.  Over the next year I will be reviewing over 500 models!  My fat little fingers are tired just thinking about it.  There is another good blog called www.SafesBlog.com they review safes as well.?

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Used Safes

 Below is a conversation I had via email regarding Safes in general. There are a bunch of used safes on the market of differing qualities. If you have one, great. If you looking to buy one. Consult a locksmith about the lock and quality of safe. Many safes have been imported from various countries made of materials,fireproofing mainly, that don’t last for more than 20 years. A good way to tell if the fireproof material is starting to disintigrate is looking for a chalk like dust inside the safe or around the door.

If you see some, don’t buy it. The safe interior wall is crumbling and will NOT protect your stuff from a fire like it should.

 TED: I have a double door General Fireproofing Company Safe.  It is
about 60″ talls, 45″ wide and 30″ deep.  It works and I know the
combination.  It is an All Steel Safe, Class B and the Serial # is 46583.
>THe inside is setup for office papers ; however it appears easy to gut for
other purposes.
>How can I find out what it’s value is?

Value Safes:I’m not familiar with the model or brand. Finding someone that wants that
size without fireproof will difficult. Its worth some money.  But I have two
collectors safes from the 1890’s and NOBODY wants them. Not even on Ebay! So
just having something doesn’t mean someone wants to buy it. Suggest retail?
I would be thrilled if I were you to get several hundred dollars. But the
hard part will be finding the customer.
Dan:I thought this may be the case – I would be better off cleaning it up and
stripping the insides out for storing of my best coffees and cigars.

Have a great weekend.

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