Rating Fireproof Safes

If you are planning to buy a fireproof safe, it is important that you understand the rating systems so you can get the protection you need. These ratings will indicate the temperatures that your safe can withstand and for how long. The UL ½-hour endurance safe means that it will endure temperatures up to 1550 degrees Fahrenheit for half an hour. You can also find UL 1-hour fireproof safes and UL 2-hour fireproof safes. These safes go through several different tests and evaluations, so you can be sure they will adhere strictly to the rating they are given, and that should give you peace of mind.

Make Sure You Understand Your Safe

Many people run out and buy a home safe without checking to see what kind of protection is offered. The typical home safe can keep your belongings safe from intruders and often have a ratings system to let you know just how safe. However, many of these safes are not rated to keep your belongings safe in a fire. In fact, the construction of typical home safes could actually destroy the contents inside because heat is trapped with the particular materials used. To ensure that you have the best protection available, check out the home safes that can double as a fireproof safe.

Fire Resistant Safe

fire safe

There are two crucial elements to look at when buying a fire resistant safe. The first element to look for is the fire rating, and the second is water resistance. Fire ratings look at two areas. First, it will note how long a safe can endure a fire, and second, the maximum heat resistance, temperature wise.

For example, a fire safe with a UL Class 350 with a one hour rating means that the interior temperature of the safe will never reach more than 350 degrees, even if the exterior temperature reaches 1700 degrees for an hour. Water resistance is important because the fire department will spray powerful streams of water onto your home to put out the fire. There’s little point in protecting your valuables from fire damage only to have them ruined by water, so make sure that your fire safe is resistant to heat and water.

How to Choose a Fireproof Safe

If you are in the market for a fireproof safe, you will want to make sure that you choose a safe that is able to offer you ample protection. The first thing you need to do is know what you will be storing. Most fireproof safes will work well for storing documents and the like. However, if you are going to store media backup material, such as a flash drive, you will want to have a media rated safe that will keep the temperatures low enough that the media will remain undamaged. Always make sure that you look at the fireproof ratings.

Fireproof Safes for All Occasions

How important are fireproof safes? Anyone who has gone through a fire and lost pictures, valuables, and important paperwork could tell you just how important they truly are. When you buy these safes, you will want to check the fire rating on them to see how long they are able to protect your documents. It might even be a good idea to buy more than one safe. You can keep fireproof safes in the home as well as the office. If you have a vacation home, consider getting one for that house as well. You can never have too much protection.

Hollon HS-880E


Looking for a moderate size safe with good fireproof protection and good theft protection?  This Hollon HS-880E would be ideal for you.  It has a two hour fire protection and better protection against burglary than your normal home safe.  This safe has a triple layer door which makes it much harder to be pried open by a crow bar.  Also, this fireproof safe has bolts on the top and bottom of the door which gives you that extra sense of protection. This is the more popular size of the 2 hour fireproof safe as it gives some room to grow.

Hollon Hotel Safe HHS-715


Hotel safes are great in settings in which users are going to be changing on a frequent basis.  It’s a comforting feeling to be staying somewhere that supplies a safe to lock your  important belongings up when you have to be gone.  This could be a headache for the owners if it was a safe in which the code was not easily reset like this hotel safe is.  With this Hollon HHS-715 the guests check out, the hotel safe is wiped fresh and a new code can be set once a new guest checks in.

Choosing a Safe for Your Needs

If you have important documents and valuables that you need to keep protected, then it is probably a good idea to invest in a safe. Your next step is to decide what kind of safe will work best for your needs. Many people choose a fireproof safe, which will keep their belongings protected from heat up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit for up to two hours, depending on the model that is purchased. Keep in mind, though, that a safe that is purchased for security reasons does not usually protect against fire. Be sure to request a safe that does double duty for the best protection possible.

Gun Safes with Concealed Hinges

When we look at a safe we try to think of the weak points in a safe and figure whether it is worth our money.  Instant common sense tells us that concealed hinges are a safe bet and don’t think about the cons that this poses.  If you think about the structure of the safe, as the door closes there has to be room for the hinges to fold back into as the door closes.

This is very commonly the place in which many manufacturers don’t put any fireproofing.  My father in law has  Liberty Centurion Gun Safe with the concealed hinges.  I was doing some checking on the safe and found what I was afraid of, that he had no fireproofing on that side of the safe.  This little bit of area makes the entire safe non fireproof and a waste of money if you needed it for the fire protection.  I was looking at Lowes the other day also, and found the same safe, but a newer model, with the same problem.  The thin steel that the safe is made out of is easily penetrated into the area in which the hinges are located, which also makes it fairly easy to break into.Think twice about buying a gun safe with concealed hinges – they aren’t as safe as one might think!

Protect Your Valuables from Fire

No matter how careful you think that you are, there is always the possibility of a fire in your home. Those important papers and all of the heirloom jewelry sitting out on desks and bureau tops will be gone in just moments, should your house ever succumb to a hire.

Average house fires peak at temperatures of up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, so you’ll need to seek out a safe that can withstand such temperatures. Some, such as the Hollon 1 Hour Fireproof Safe, are created to last up to an hour, while others can withstand the heat for two hours or more.