Understanding Fire Proof Ratings

When you are searching for a fire proof safe, then it is important to note that they will have different ratings that will indicate the temperatures that the safe can withstand and the amount of time. For instance, the UL ½-hour fire endurance test means that your safe would endure a fire that burns at 1550 degrees Fahrenheit for up to thirty minutes. For longer protection times, you can also find a UL 1-hour fireproof safe and a UL 2-hour fireproof safe. These safes have been rigorously tested, so you can rest assured that they will live up to the ratings that have been assigned.

Buy a Fireproof Safe

The average house fire can reach temperatures of up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, and not much at all can survive those temperatures. Your important documents and valuable jewelry will be destroyed in just a matter of moments. This is why it is important to consider buying a fireproof safe, such as the Hollon 1 Hour Fireproof Safe, which can protect your belongings for up to an hour in the event of a fire. Some models can withstand these temperatures for up to two hours. Whichever model of fireproof safe you choose, it is important that you do choose one.

Hollon Safe FB-1505E Review

Hollon Safe FB-1505E Review

This is the largest in the Hollon Fire and Burglary Safes line up at 59 inches tall and right at about 1000 lbs.

I have been selling these for quite some time and they have become a real favorite of mine. (Mainly because we have had zero problems with quality and reliability….I can’t say that about any other brand I have ever sold) This is a commercial rated safe and built for long lasting durability.

Normally on this type of safe you don’t get bolts that go up and down. Only bolts on the opening side and hinge side.  They have also added a 1 inch thick locking bar on the hinge side of all the Fire & Burglary safes.  Which is exceptional. Normally you only find this type of feature to be around 1/4 inch thick. So at 1 inch thick…we are talking over a 300% larger locking hinge bar than what is standard in the industry.

Though this safe weighs in around 1000 lbs there is still a center bolt down hole and kit that comes with this model.  One can never be too secure.

This unit also comes with a keypad free! Gotta love that.  I asked the folks at Hollon Safe how can they do that? Their reply was that they got such a great deal on these locks that they are passing along the savings. I guess they didn’t get that good a deal on the Sargent & Greenleaf dials because they upcharge for that lock. Though at the prices these models sell for an extra charge for a dial is no big deal and still well worth it!

I give the Hollon Safe FB-1505E a double thumbs up. Great safe and you will be very happy with the quality and reliabilty.


Hollon Safe FB-845E is one of the real safes


This safe has been designed to not only predict what a thief will do, but make it even more secure once a thief starts trying to break in. If they keypad is ripped away and the plate behind it is pounded, an additional bolt locks in place to keep the three front bolts from moving.


At 440 pounds, this safe won’t be easy to move, but for even more security, an inside bolt is included for securing the safe to a cement floor. No thief can access the bolt without getting inside the safe, and no thief can get inside. They just don’t get more secure than this for a ready-made safe.


Inside, it’s spacious, measuring 27 ¼” high, 15” wide and a little over 15” deep. This safe has ample room for just about anything you’d want to put inside it. Have a little extra peace of mind when you leave your home or office for extended trips by putting valuables inside that are normally laying around. Thieves like to target vacationers,  and this safe ensures your more valuable pieces stay locked up. Check out Hollon Safe FB-845E

Hollon Safes FB-685E


This safe is by far the best investment I’ve made. I hesitated on getting the electronic keypad, but it makes getting in and out of my safe easy and fast. I don’t keep guns in this safe, but I have a few things I access on a regular basis (our passports, my computer’s backup drive) and it’s a cinch to type in my code and get in.


The size is perfect for me. I don’t have anything real big that needs to go in a safe. My wife has a nice-sized necklace box that fits on the top shelf, which I’ve adjusted all the way up, and we store a few miscellaneous things in the bigger area below. It’s not so big that it’s a burden to have in the house, but nobody’s going to just grab this safe and run away with it.


I feel secure knowing my valuables are locked up. And with the fire-proof rating, I know if wildfires rage through our region again, our most important docs won’t go up in flames. I’d give this safe an A+.  Check it out. Hollon Safes FB-685E

The Benefits of Owning a Home Safe

It is a proven fact that crime rates rise during tough economic times. If you have never before considered owning a home safe, then now is the time to start thinking about it. Safes are much more effective that a simple lockbox, because the doors and locking mechanisms are created to keep thieves from cracking them for up to thirty minutes. No home invader wants to hang around that long, no matter what he or she thinks might be inside. Other benefits of owning a safe include keeping important documents safe from fire, and keeping children away from dangerous weapons. There’s no question, really. Buy a safe.

Safes Are Prepared for the Future

We live in an entirely new age of technology, with hard drives and USB drives replacing paper documents. These newest forms of data storage may be high tech, but they’re also incredibly sensitive to heat and humidity, as well as dust. Magnetic fields of any kind could ensure that all of your information is lost in just moments. By purchasing a media safe, such as the FireKing DS1817, you can protect your data from any of the usual, and even the unusual, damages that can occur. They’re not terribly expensive, but even if they were, wouldn’t it be worth it to keep your information safe?

Not All Safes Are Created Equally

If you decide to purchase a safe to protect the valuables in your home, then you should be prepared to research the different types very carefully. Not all safes are created equally. Keep in mind that a house fire will burn at temperatures of up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit! If you purchase a safe that is not meant to keep valuables protected from high temperatures for an extended period of time, then you could be spending your money on a plain lockbox. Be sure that you purchase a fireproof safe, such as the Hollon HS-320-E, and you will know that you documents are safe from almost any possibility.

Why Choose a Biometric Safe?

A biometric safe will open with just the touch of a finger, so long as it is the right finger. Each safe contains a fingerprint scanner, which means that the ability to open the safe cannot be easily transferred by code, key, or card. Whoever holds the authorization will scan their finger, and the print is then turned into a mathematical algorithm. The safe or vault will then refuse to unlock for any other fingerprint.

There are several different brands that you can consider, so research them all carefully before purchase. One of the most popular for home use is the HZ-34.

Not All Safes are Equal

Something that you should keep in mind when you’re shopping for a home safe is that not all safes are created equally. For instance, a safe that is rated to keep your belongings protected from fires that reach over 1400 degrees Fahrenheit may also allow a thief to pick it right up and carry it out of the house. Conversely, a safe that is intended to deter thieves is not usually constructed to protect the contents from high temperatures. A good, inexpensive compromise is a safe such as one from Hollon. These fire safes can also be bolted to the ground, which will definitely deter thieves.