Creative & Clever Ways to Hide Your Safe

how to hide a safeEveryone knows what a safe is for.  You don’t put just anything in a safe, you store your most valuable items. These valuable items might not only be of monetary value, rather items of great importance. This can include, titles, deeds, birth certificates, passports, and Social Security cards. Stuff you don’t want to land in the wrong hands.
Even though you own a safe which greatly increases the safety of these items doesn’t mean that your safe can’t be stolen or broken into. For this reason is why it’s smart to place your safe in a smart and concealed area.  Here are some helpful hints and ideas that will hopefully help you decide where to place yours.


  1. Inside a closet is a great spot to put a safe.  Typically a closet in the master bedroom or office. It’s most important that it’s not in an area of high foot traffic or visibility. You want to make sure the safe stays out of sight, which is why if you can hide it in a walk in closest behind some hanging clothes this will ensure it’s not easily found or transported.

  3. Under the stairs. Most homes have that awkward half room, half closet space under the stairs. This is another secluded spot which can easily be concealed and forgotten. Sometimes these rooms can be setup with flush doors that look like a wall panel and are discernable to the naked eye.

  5. Have an old fridge? Fridges can pretty easily be converted into a handy hiding spot. This can be used if you don’t have a super-secret room under the stairs and all you have a corner in your garage. Again, you don’t want the garage door being open and someone to drive by and spot your safe. This makes your house an easy target. Hiding your safe in the Fridge can disguise it in plain sight.

  7. Building the safe into a wall can be a great option if you have the means to make it happen. This is ideal because the safe can be concealed completely behind the wall. If someone does happen to find where it’s at removing it becomes far more difficult and will require more tools and time by the thieves.

  9. The easiest and least expensive route to hiding your safe is to use a cardboard moving box. This will help conceal it but doesn’t require too much protection outside of disguise.

Hopefully these tips will give you a better idea where to place your safe and what may or may not be a good idea.

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Find the Perfect Safe to Meet Your Needs


When you have important documents in your home, you need to make sure that you can keep them in a place that is fire safe and burglar safe. The only way to secure them is to use a fireproof and burglarproof safe. Many safes out there will surely meet your needs.

For papers and documents, you’ll only need a simple security file, which opens like a chest safe but fits folders inside perfectly. You can have a small chest-type safe where you can keep all your important documents, jewelry or other small items. Or you can opt for a cabinet style safe you can mount on a wall. And if you own a gun, it is definitely wise to store it in the safe. With a safe in your home, you will not have to worry about that important paper, valuable piece of jewelry or other high-valued item getting destroyed or stolen.

Put All Your Guns in One Place

gun safes

Owning a gun is a major responsibility, and as such, it is imperative to lock your firearms properly. There are several options for securing your guns, but gun safes are arguably the most reliable. You can find everything from small single capacity units to 41-gun capacity safes. Once you have decided on the capacity for your safe, it is important to do some research into what specifications you’ll need.

The locking mechanism is arguably the most important aspect to consider; an electronic digital lock is standard in some models and optional in others. Models are also available with heat activated door seals and dehumidifier access holes. Fireproofing should be another top priority; some have a 30-minute fire protection and some have 1-hour of fire protection at 1250?F.

The TRTL-30×6 Series of Jewelry Safes from Mutual Safes

TRTL-30x6 Jewlry Safes

The TRTL-30×6 series of jewelry safes from Mutual Safes are some of the most secure jewelry safes manufactured.  You should only consider purchasing one if your insurance company requires it, or if you require protection from even the most determined attack.  These safes ARE the top of the line.  Each safe comes with a lifetime warranty from Mutual Safes against fire and attack.  If one of these units cannot be repaired after an attack or fire, it will be replaced with a new one by Mutual Safes.

The TRTL-30×6 series is constructed using a layer of concrete material sandwiched between inner and outer magnesium steel hardplates.  The concrete material incorporates a matrix of nuggets and carbon fiber which enhances its tensile strength.  The material has a density of 26,000 psi.  Reinforced armor plating is used to protect the door frame and each individaul bolt chamber, making the safe resistant to even the most sophisticated attack.  TRTL stands for “Tool and Torch Resistant”, and is a UL Standard, one of the highest available.  These safes are also fireproof, having been tested in a 1750 degree F fire for a period of 2 hours, without the temperature inside the safe rising above 350 degrees F.

The TRTL-30×6 series uses a multitude of relockers that are synchronized to ensure that the safe stays locked in the event of an attack.  Locking mechanisms available are UL listed Group 1 combination dial or electronic keypad.  The series is available in 4 sizes — 30″ x 30″ x 32″, 43″ x 30″ x 32″, 67″ x 30″ x 32″ and 69″ x 44″ x 36″.  The safes weigh 2000, 2600, 3800 and 5500 lbs. respectively!  The TRTL-30×6 series is available in like-new factory reconditioned versions, at about half the cost of new units.

Get a drop safe to store large bills and cash

If you run a retail business, you could lower the risk of being robbed of your cash during business hours by using a drop safe.  A drop safe is designed to accept deposits of small items like cash or jewelry without opening the safe.  If the cashier working in your store doesn’t have the combination to the drop safe, then any deposits made during the day are safe from would-be robbers.

If you have your employees deposit their extra cash at periods throughout the day, there will never be more than a certain amount in the cash register.  And you can have them immediately deposit any large bills that come in.  Drop safes are made in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you should be able to find one that suits your business to a “t”.  For more information on the drop safe.

A fire safe is an important addition to your overall security strategy

A good fire safe is an important part of an overall security strategy.  The results of a fire can be devastating enough, but if you lose all of your important documents and other valuables, it is even more devastating.  So if you are considering purchasing a safe, make sure that it has a fireproof rating.  Typical fireproof ratings are 1-hour fireproof and 2-hour fireproof.  A 1-hour fireproof rating, for example, means that the safe has been tested under actual fire conditions to ensure that the interior of the safe does not rise above a certain temperature.

Fireproof safes are also tested to keep the interior humidity low, to prevent damage from the water used to put out the fire.  You can also buy special media safes, which are intended to protect valuable computer backup data from the harmful effects of fire and water.  They are tested to much sticter standards to keep your valuable media safe.  For more information on the fire safe.

Jewelry safes offer high security for your valuables

Jewelry safes offer a high degree of security for your valuables.   Jewelry safes carry a burglary rating, such as the UL TL 15 or TL 30 rating.  This rating means that the jewelry safes have been tested against attempts to open them.  For example, a TL 15 rating means that a professional locksmith using common locksmithing tools was unable to open the safe in a period of 15 minutes.

Jewelry safes are constructed of special materials.  They usually have 5″ thick doors and 1-1/2″ thick steel bodies.  They use 1-1/2″ steel locking bolts, and the locking mechanism is surrounded by drill-resistant hardened steel plate.  They are designed to be bolted to the floor from the inside.  So if you want the most in security for your valuables, consider getting a jewelry safe.  For more information on jewelry safes.

TL 15 safes are burglary and fire rated

TL 15 Safes

TL 15 safes are UL-tested safes that are designed to resist burglary attempts.  A TL 15 rating means that a safe has been tested to withstand breakin by a professional locksmith using common locksmithing tools for a period of 15 minutes, and they did not gain access to the contents.  TL rated safes are the highest burglary rating you can get.  TL 15 safes have a 5″ thick door and a 2″ thick body.  They use 1-1/2 inch locking bolts.

TL 15 safes also carry a 1-1/2 hour fireproof rating.  This means that they have been tested to withstand actual fire conditions of 1700 degrees F for a period of 1-1/2 hours, and that the temperature inside the safe did not rise above 350 degrees F.  This is a low enough temperature to prevent permanent damage to most valuables.  The test also measures the humidity level to make sure that the safe would protect the contents from water damage.  For more information on TL 15 safes.

Fire Fyter Fireproof Safes

I have been writting recently about Fire Fyter’s Fireproof Safe manufacturing being stopped in the USA and being moved to China.  The models that are listed on ValueSafes website are currently as of this writting made in Ohio.  As they sell out of stock we will be marking them as sold out until they get the Chinese models shiped. 

So you have a limited time to get a made in the USA safe.  People have asked if the prices will go down once they are in stock from China.   I don’t know that answer on these fireproof safe models.  However, if its like other things they may drop a bit in the begining just to get the brand moving again. 

We are still waiting to see if our favorite made in the USA fireproof safes will be of decent quality once shipments start coming in.  I will remove the made in the USA label once they are in so as long as you see the label and its in stock you will know they from Ohio.  Until then you can check them out here Fire Fyter Fireproof Safes.

Gun Safes Protect more than Guns

Gun safes are the best for any office or home to keeping your guns or valuables secure and safe. It also has the electronic security locks and also the manual override key function. It is made of solid steel construction for extra security to keep at home or office use. Gun safes would be the great idea protect your investment from intruders and children. Gun safes also comes in digital lock system where you can access your safe on your fingertips, you can also access them manually. Gun safes will not just keep your guns safe but any important documents or valuables. Gun safes can also be fit into the wall by wall mount and it will be safe forever. Gun safes also has lots of deigns and many verities in them. It’s made of hard steel to protect your guns and valuables; it also has the inner carpet to protect your guns by getting scratched or damage. Gun safes are one of the best safes for your guns to get protect in all kind of situations. In this modern life where crime as taken a lied roll and it growing up so fast, there are many guns owner who wants to protect their guns by getting it stolen or scratched.