Difference between Drop Safes and Depository Safes

Either a drop safe or a depository safe will be helpful to small businesses that deal with lots of cash on a daily basis, especially if there are employees that have access to that money. For the most part, the drop safe and the depository safe are the same and serve similar purposes. With either model, money can be inserted without opening the safe door. However, most companies find that the drop safe is perfect for deposits that will be removed each night, while the depository safe gives more protection for those that wish to love money in the safe for longer periods of time.

Choosing Depository Safes

Most companies find they can get by with a drop safe for daily business, but some might need a little more security. Depository safes can offer a few more security features, and that might make them the perfect safe choice for you. Just like drop safes, there is an opening where you can deposit money without opening the safe. However, this safe is more secure for overnight deposits. Many can be set to a time release, which means it can only be opened at specific hours. There are many other ways that depository safes can give better protection for your assets than drop safes, but they aren’t always the right answer.

A Drop Safe Is Perfect for Business

If you run a small business that deal with a lot of cash, getting a drop safe or a deposit safe is a great idea to keep your assets protected. This is especially important if you have employees who have access to the cash or your office throughout the day. With a drop safe, you can deposit the money as needed through an opening in the top or front of the safe. These openings are protected by “shark teeth” that discourage fishing for the cash. The Protex FDD3020 is an excellent choice that works well for businesses of any size.

Protect Your Business Assets

6776.jpgBusiness owners often wait until they have been ripped off by an employee or associate before they invest in a depository safe. A smart business owner takes steps to prevent theft before there is a problem. It’s much better to invest a few hundred dollars now in a quality depository safe, then to lose thousands of dollars later in theft.

A depository safe is ideal for businesses because they give employees limited access to deposit money in the safe. In other words, employees and associates only have access to the cash they put into the safe. Once the safe is locked, only a person with the combination or key can get at the bulk of the money. For businesses that may have overnight deposits, a depository safe is a good idea for keeping your money safe at night when you’re not around to monitor the contents yourself. Remember to protect your business assets now so it won’t become a problem later.

Not Just for Pearls and Bearer Bonds

Most people associate safes with items of extreme value, such as expensive jewelry, stock certificates and some family heirlooms. Many people, however, don’t take the sentimental value of certain items into account when devising a strategy for keeping them safe. Items that are important to us for reasons other than monetary value can sometimes be worth far more in terms of attachment and personal value than items that cost a fortune.

A security safe isn’t just for the guy on TV or the rich guy with million-dollar pearls. Having a personal safe of your own allows you to safeguard the things in your life that mean the most to you. Whether it’s a child’s drawing or your great-grandfather’s guitar pick, the emotional value of some items makes them absolutely priceless. So why not protect them?

Does Your Small Business Need a Drop Safe?

What is the purpose of a drop safe? If you are a new business owner, perhaps running a boutique, a salon, or another small shop, then you might not be aware of the importance of one of these safes. When you have cash on the premises after a few hours, you will want to be able to put that cash into a safe place other than the registers. Thieves will immediately take cash from that location when they rob the store. However, with a drop safe, you will be able to take the extra cash from the register and keep it secure.

Depository Safes for Small Businesses

Running a small to mid-sized business has plenty of hassles and risks as well as rewards. The security of your money may be at risk when you neglect to use depository safes for your store. These safes are an easy way for you to keep your money safe in the event of a holdup. You will be able to put cash and checks into the safe when you don’t have time to take them to the bank. The depository safes come in different sizes and styles with various options. Finding the best safe for your business is easy, and it is well worth the investment.

Choose the Right Drop Safe for Your Business

A drop safe can be a perfect addition to any small or medium-sized business. When you are considering buying a drop safe for your business, you need to make sure that you are buying the best safe for your needs. Each business is different, and not every safe is going to be a perfect fit. Consider the size of the safe that you need, as well as the location in the store. Make sure that the safe is installed properly as well, as this helps to deter would be thieves. Adding one of these safes to your other security efforts is a great idea.

When to Choose a Depository Safe

A lot of businesses that deal with large amounts of cash will invest in a drop safe or a depository safe to keep the money safe throughout the day. You should especially consider one of these choices if there are several employees that might have access to the cash. There are not many differences between the two, but the depository safe is usually larger and has stronger security features. If you just need to keep cash safe through an evening shift before dropping it all at the bank, then a drop safe will usually cover it. To keep the money safe overnight, though, consider the depository safe.

Hollon Safe HDS-2014K Drop Safe


They’ve thought of everything with this drop safe. Not only is it designed to handle numerous drops during the day with a quick-entry keypad for managers, but thieves who attempt to figure out the keypad code are locked out for a period of time, making their efforts more likely to be discovered.

The anti-fish baffle completely prevents anyone from accessing the safe through the drop door, making it one of the most secure drop safes you can buy.

If the keypad is pried off, further security measures lock in place with the dead bar, making door removal basically impossible.

While most drop safes are flimsy, and only good at keeping “honest people honest”, this safe allows any manager to have peace of mind that this safe will keep deposits on lockdown for extended shifts, and even overnight drops when emergencies arise. What’s better, the safe combination can be changed in seconds, so places with high employee turnover don’t have to add a lengthy safe process to their bottom line.

Overall, this is a great investment for any business looking for an effective, theft-proof drop safe. These models are also being redone. I will get you more later.  But just a peak into the future….largest bolts on a drop safe of this size in the industry plus thicker steel. HDS-2014k