Diamond Back Gun Safes GS5922L

Diamond Back Gun Safes have a model GS5922L that I think is one of the best buys in small gun safes.  For those of you that have never heard of Diamond Back Gun Safes this will be good information for you.  Diamond Back Gun Safe is a division of Cobalt Safes.  Which is a major importer of safes.  Very few safes are actually made in the States anymore.(I know, it makes me sad too)  Until you get to units costing thousands of dollars.  Which this one is considered an excellant medium grade gun safe.  Equiped with drill resistant hard plate, relocker, 30 min fireproof fire rating, (9) 1 inch bolts incased in a 10 gage steel body.  Saaaweeet!  Also meets and far exceeds CDOJ (California Dept of Justice)

Compared to Sentry gun safe or a Honeywell gun safe.  These are truelly a huge cut above and the next step up in quality.   The negative on them is they only come in semi-gloss black.  OR semi-gloss black.  So much for choice.  But the color is very is to repair scratches or blemishes.  Diamond Back Gun Safe can supply a bit of black paint.  But any semi-gloss black paint will do.  Just run by you local automotive parts store and you should find some or even a your local hardware store.  Easy to repair.  Which is important.  We all move at one time or another.  With the average person moving every 7 years. (I  heard that somewhere…)  You are bound to scratch it in your move.  Note: The high gloss finish of a Cannon or American Security do scratch easy and have to be repaired by an automotive repair shop.  That high gloss sure looks good though. 

My estimate on this safe, when its bolted down, is very good against a prybar attack.  10 gage steel just doesn’t bend much and the door thickness will keep a prybar from getting a good grip on it.  So this one is a favorite for the budget minded gun safe person. 

The Diamond Back gun safe model GS5922L does have a slight downside.  That is I wish it came with a Sargent & Greenleaf dial lock.  But instead it only comes with an import lock.  Its not a bad lock, I just really like the S&G locks made in Kentucky.  Now then the H series do have a S&G dial lock on them.  But other than that we got many positive comments on this safe from customers.